The "Sons of Anarchy" season 6 premiere air date is still a ways off, but that hasn't stopped SoA creator Kurt Sutter from leaking spoilers left and right on Twitter. Sutter responded to fans' questions online yesterday and covered everything from the Sons of Anarchy premiere air date, to spoilers, to a SoA movie and video game. Read on for more info.

The "Sons of Anarchy" season 6 premiere air date had remained a total mystery until Sutter dropped a few hints in the midst of a huge Twitter spoiler session.

"When does SOA start back up again?" asked "Sons of Anarchy" fan @dannchizz.

"I start with the writers on Monday," replied @sutterink. "Production begins mid-May."

If you were hoping for an early "Sons of Anarchy" season 6 premiere release date this summer you're out of luck, but Sutter's spoilers suggest that SoA will return to FX in the fall of 2013, which is when we already expected the show to come back.

The lack of a clear Sons of Anarchy season 6 premiere air date certainly hasn't stopped SoA fans of speculating online. Over at a user going by the name dunczn offered some analysis of his own, pegging the return for September 2013:

Nothing has been said regarding the premier date for Sons of Anarchy season 6. Considering season 5 is expected to air around September this year, that would mean the earliest release date for season 6 is sometime in 2013.

Pretty much everyone on the site agreed that the Sons of Anarchy season 6 premiere air date would be in September 2013, and one user, MinxicaJ , went as far as speculating on the specific day:

September, 2013 (If I had to guess, I would say September 10th, 2013 since it aired this year September 11th).

Moving past the Sons of Anarchy season 6 premiere air date, Kurt Sutter also had plenty of Sons of Anarchy season 6 spoilers to dish out, and the show creator definitely didn't hold back when it came to answering his fans' questions.

We've assembled some of the most interesting Sons of Anarchy season 6 spoilers tweets below and bolded the ones that are the most exciting or interesting for added emphasis. Enjoy:

"@mdgould67: Would you ever bring SOA to the big screen?" no. trying to make a movie form a recently ended show is a wrong & desperate move.

"@stoopid_llamas: a SOA & Breaking Bad cross over needs to happen now." if vince ever allowed that they'd never win another award.

"@SEP_WHP: @sutterink will Jax ever forgive Juice, or will he end up dead sooner or later?" i think he has already forgiven him.

"@texfabulous79: @sutterink :will donal logue's character turn Tara more away from the club and jax?" yes, WITH A. NAKED JELLO FIGHT!

"@DavidLStearman: @sutterink. The wife wants to know if she will get to see Jax a** in S6" in this climate...more a**, less guns.

"@christymc85: I know even after SOA you plan on sticking to television, any chance on using current characters for a new show?" no. new.

"@Lowecat: @sutterink will the pit that Tig rescued become a club mascot?" i'd like that, but i don't think we can afford her day rate.

"@stephdenk: are Gemma and Unser ever going to get down to business?! (if ya know what I mean)" does anybody REALLY wanna see that?

"@Cbearsmamma: what happened to Gemma's big white bird?" it's now a running gag. gemma has a different bird every few episodes.

"@brittaannnny: when is this SOA video game coming to life? Or will it ever?" not looking good. but i'll keep throwing salt on the wound.

"@r_harper: @sutterink does Tara get any tats while in the slammer?" not sure. maybe...

"@beets79: @adamlevine in Season 6, yeah? any interesting special guests coming?" i tried to use adam this season. he's a busy guy.

"@thebigd1974: @sutterink any chance of getting Zack Wild to play a SAMCRO member??" no chance.

"@lyss_xx21: is Gemma really leaving with clay? I love her & Nero together!!" you know what they say, once you go brown you bury the clown.

"@robin_girard: Will Jimmy Smitts be a returning character next season?" i was hoping he would, but right now it's all up in the air.

"@karenmchugh11: @sutterink Will Ireland feature in season 6 or 7?" no, but there will be marshmallow hearts.

"@ralfvaldez: who would you love to guest star in SOA?" i'd love for eva mendez and ryan gosling to play a trailer crack couple.

"@ThatGreekChick: @sutterink are jax and tara going to stay together? I love them together!!" love is fickle.

"@meaghan3883: @sutterink will jax end up killing clay ?" no. clay will never die.

"@ErinEileenDoes: @sutterink what about Soa the musical?" @bobthiele and i are working on it.

"@jojomo20: @sutterink will there be a big time jump between season 5 & 6?" not sure. still mulling...

For further analysis of the Sons of Anarchy season 6 spoilers above we take you too Carter Matt, who's broken down everything Sutter revealed in helpful bullter point for your reading pleasure:

-First of all, a production update! Writing sessions for the new season stars on Monday, and filming will kick off at some point in mid-May. This is almost perfectly in line with some other cable drama series set for fall, including season 3 of "Homeland." There are also two new writers coming on board this year.

-There is still a debate waging in Sutter's mind as to whether or not there will be a time jump.

-For those of you wondering about the Jax / Juice relationship, we should interpret the one-time SAMCRO rat as being forgiven by Charlie Hunnam's character.

-Sadly, the status of Jimmy Smits (Nero) is still unclear after he stole much of season 5. There is clearly an interest in bringing him back, but there are plenty of other factors that weigh into this decision. (Just a general thought: we wonder how difficult pilot season makes it for shows to cast guest actors and craft arcs.)

-The future status of Dave Navarro is unclear following his brief guest stint last season. Meanwhile, Rusty Coones is very much a possibility to return.

-Considering that Sutter says that one of the biggest things he regrets about the show is casting himself to play Otto, it should not come as much of a surprise that he is hoping we see less of the character moving forward.

When do you think the Sons of Anarchy season 6 premiere air date will arrive, and which new SoA spoilers are you most excited about? Share your thoughts in the comments below...