"Sons of Anarchy" season 6 spoilers keep on flowing thanks to show creator and avid Twitter user Kurt Sutter. In his latest online Q&A with fans he dished on Tara's upcoming lesbian prison experience, possible SoA celebrity guests stars and more. Read on for all the "Sons of Anarchy" season 6 spoilers and premiere air date news you can handle.

Last week Sutter dished out a fresh round of Sons of Anarchy season 6 spoilers, including some key information concering the fall 2013 premiere date. Read more on the here.

The most exciting bit from the latest batch of "Sons of Anarchy" season 6 spoilers is the news that Tara may be featured in some sexually explicit lesbian sex scenes during his stint in jail in the new season of SoA.

We learned this "Sons of Anarchy" season 6 finale spoiler when SoA fan @fkcamry88 asked, "Will Tara find love in prison?"

"YES! it's a girl-on-girl-on-sort-of-girl lovefest," replied @sutterink.

Sutter also dropped what may turn out to be some exciting Sons of Anarchy season 6 spoilers concering potential guest stars for the next season of SoA.

@Australia_Nat: "Cameo from Jack Nicholson would be awesome...not sure who I'd want him to be though...maybe Tigs dad."

@sutterink: "Tig's ex-wife?"

"@AMADIS714 "Who would be your pick as a guest star next?"

@sutterink: "Susan Sarandon."

"@jlangdale: "Joe Biden cameo?"

@sutterink: "I'm working on it. i could use some help from the twitterverse!"

Wow, Joe Biden, Susan Sarandon and Jack Nicholson! We can't help but think that these "Sons of Anarchy" season 6 spoilers may just be jokes, though biker Biden would be an incredible character. What guest stars would you want to see next season on SoA?

Here's the rest of the Sons of Anarchy season 6 spoilers leaked by Sutter on Twitter for your reading pleasure:

@Jessikaax: if you had to choose which character would be your favorite if you were a fan?" jax. he's me with a much better body and a gun

"@PokerHyena: @sutterink Where and how do you come up with your ideas Kurt?" i listen to the rhythm of babies hearts while they sleep.

"@JamieSongerrr: @sutterink will you stop killing off my favorite characters?" probably not...

"@Namllew: @sutterink how do you keep coming up with so many great ideas for the show?" i still them from matt weiner's garbage can.

"@TwIsTeDcanuck7: @sutterink will we see Ethan zobel again?" only as a director.

"@McoogfahQ: @sutterink Is Rick ever going to come back to reality and be the leader again?" no, ricky will stay with lucy for ever.

"@the5sherns: @sutterink Who will be killed first in #SOAS6?" if i'm lucky, otto.

"@carlie_jean_d: will we get to learn more about Gemma and Nero's relationship in season 6?" hopefully. still working out the deal for jimmy

"@jennibooms: @sutterink action figures?" i was told they were in the works. including an OTTO doll. complete with eye patch and no tongue.

But the Sons of Anarchy season 6 spoilers don't end there. Sutter isn't one to restrict himself, and the the show creator is also well known for his regular video blog, "WTFSutter." Check out the latest installment, filmed inside the SoA writers room:

Besides getting a peak into the SoA writer's room, Suter also gives us a few tasty Sons of Anarchy season 6 spoilers, including some idea of what will happen to Jax. Here's a key quote (via cartermatt.com):

"The great thing about season 5 for me was that we always had Jax in the middle when he was VP. You had Clay calling the shots, and the world responding to Clay's command. Jax was in a very reactive position when it came to his response... our challenge was how do we make him proactive rather than reactive. That has always been a challenge for that character ... I was really looking forward to getting him to the head of that table, so now that he is the one that is proactively calling the shows for the entire club. Everybody became reactive to him, and yes he had to answer to the feedback of [those people], but [that] was the first season where he was really the guy making those calls."

How do you feel about the latest Sons of Anarchy season 6 spoilers? Are you excited for the new season of SoA? Share your thoughts in the comments.