Wicker Park

Aug 29, 2014 03:48 pm

7 Movies To Watch On Netflix This Weekend Before They’re Gone Forever

At the end of every month, Netflix gets rid of some movies from its streaming service to make room for new movies next month. Ahead of September, Netflix is deleting 100 movies from its catalogue; here are 7 movies you should watch on Netflix while you still have the chance: Read more


Aug 29, 2014 09:48 am

‘Arrow’ Season 3 Spoilers: Felicity And Oliver Kiss In New Leaked Promo [VIDEO]

In a new leaked 'Arrow' season 3 promo, we see Oliver and Felicity going for the kiss and Thea training with her father. Read more

Minecraft logo

Aug 28, 2014 04:55 pm

Minecraft Maps Holocaust: Minecraft Concentration Camp Recreations Are Surprisingly Beautiful

Minecraft is the ultimate living construction kit. People have done everything from recreating all of Westeros, to building every Star Trek ship within it. But what about real places? And what happens when people recreate historical horrors, like concentration camps, inside of Minecraft? Read more

Madden 15

Aug 28, 2014 01:54 pm

Xbox One vs PS4: Does Madden 15 Look Better On XBone? Gamers Don’t See The Difference

Madden NFL 15 has been released and it has stirred the PS4 vs Xbox One pot when an alleged lighting problem has been brought up. Read more

Somebody app

Aug 28, 2014 01:45 pm

Somebody, A New iPhone Messaging App, Asks Strangers to Relay Your Messages To Friends In Person

Somebody is a new messaging app for iOS that sends your message not to its intended recipient but to somebody nearby who will pass along your message to your friend verbally. If you’re thinking that the Somebody iPhone app is the most inconvenient way ever to send a message to a friend, you’re right! Read more

Hello Kitty in Space

Aug 27, 2014 04:52 pm

Hello Kitty Not a Cat: Breaking News from Sanrio Overturns Consensus Reality Developed Since Dawn of Human Civilization

Hello Kitty is not a cat! All other news stories should just set up for the rest of the day. Read more


Aug 27, 2014 04:19 pm

'Community' Season 6 Yahoo Premiere: Joel McHale Won't Save Your Video Channel Yahoo

"Community" Season 6 is on the way, but it's unlikely to be the savior Yahoo Screen so desperately needs. While Yahoo may have been able to grab headlines, grabbing an audience will prove much tougher. Read more


Aug 27, 2014 04:15 pm

‘Arrow’ Season 3 Spoilers: Thea Queen To Return As The Villainous Cheshire?

Thea Queen will return in 'Arrow' season 3 but who will she be? Most likely the villainous Cheshire. Read more

Coolest cooler Kickstarter

Aug 27, 2014 02:07 pm

Coolest Cooler Kickstarter Raises $10.5 Million, Becomes Most-Funded Project On Crowdsourcing Platform

There’s just over two days left to score the Coolest cooler at its Kickstarter price, but the Coolest cooler Kickstarter has already set the record for being the most-funded Kickstarter project with more than $10.5 million being pledged for the ice cooler with built-in blender and waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Read more

sons, anarchy, season, 7, spoilers, new, photos

Aug 27, 2014 12:36 pm

‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Season 7 Spoilers: New Photos Show Jax In Prison And Interactions With Gemma And Wendy

"Sons of Anarchy" season 7 spoiler photos are out and show Jax in prison and his interactions with Gemma and Wendy. Read more

iOS 7.1.2 Cydia Jailbreak Tweaks: 30 hot New Apps Hit The Store Including AppControl, WiFi Explorer, Vibrator Pro And More

Aug 27, 2014 11:01 am

30 Awesome New Jailbreak Tweaks Arrive On Cydia Including MessageEnhancer, True iRadio, SwipeExpander And More

Check out the best new iOS 7 - 7.1.2 jailbreak tweaks to arrive on Cydia including MessageEnhancer, True iRadio, SwipeExpander And More Read more

iPhone 6 release date

Aug 26, 2014 04:03 pm

iPhone 6 Release Date: Leaked Apple User Guide Confirms Sept. 9 Launch, Other Details

The iPhone 6 release date has all but been confirmed as being revealed at an Apple event scheduled for Sept. 9 but a new Apple user guide leak from french technology site is further proof that Apple fans should circle Sept. 9 on their calendars. The new iPhone 6 release date leak also reveals other details about Apple’s upcoming flagship device. Read more


Aug 26, 2014 02:27 pm

Unseen App For iOS, Android Is An Anonymous Photo App For College Students That Wants To Be The Anti-Facebook

Unseen, a new anonymous photo-sharing app for college students, hopes to be the cure for Facebook induced FOMO. The free app for iOS and Android wants to be an anonymous social networking app that will lead to better real life communities and recently raised $2.1 million to achieve its goal. Read more

New York Comic-Con

Aug 26, 2014 01:45 pm

New York Comic-Con 2014 Tickets: Cosplayers Can Win Passes In Costume Competition This September

New York Comic-Con is hosting a Heroes and Villains costume contest that will allow contestants to win tickets to this year's festivities. Read more


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