SNL's "The Hobbit" skit hilariously spoofed the decision to split the short book into three feature length movies. The sketch predicted that "Lord Of The Rings" fans will get 18 more "The Hobbit" movies, including "Part 4: An Unexpected Apple Maps Journey." Watch the "Saturday Night Live" sketch here or below:

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We've been complaining for weeks that "The Hobbit" has no business being a three part movie and this is clearly a money- making scheme. Thankfully, SNL is here with a sketch to spoof "The Hobbit."

The SNL "THe Hobbit" skit begins with a narrated introduction:

"When Peter Jackson decided to split The Hobbit into three separate 3 hour movies the reaction was universal we want more. well you're in luck because Peter Jackson has decided to split the remaining two movies into 18 movies. starting with Hobbit 2: Journey to the beginning of the walk to Smog's Lair."

The SNL "The Hobbit: Part 2" skit begins with Jason Sudeikis as Bilbo Baggins realizing he's forgotten something at home as he says, "Wait hold on. Oh no." This leads to "The Hobbit 3: I Just Realized I Forgot Something At The Shire, Mind If We Go Back?"

Next up in the Snl "Hobbit" skit is part 4, "Apple Maps, An Unexpected Detour."

"It says that there's supposed to be a Quiznos right here but this is definitely Mordor," jokes Sudeikis as Bilbo.

The SNL Hobbit skit then jumps to part 8, "The Elf Queen Tries To Pick An Outfit," starring Jennifer Lawrence as the elf queen.

Here's a snippet of dialogue from this fake Hobbit sequel presented by SNL:

Elf Queen: "Which white dress should I wear? This white dress or this white dress?"

Bilbo: "We're gonna be so late?"

"No we're not!"

"You're being an elfish b*tch!"

The next sequen named in the SNL Hobbit skit is part 11, "Trying to split a complicated dinner bill." We see the entire cast around a table. One dwarf suggests they pay $30 each. The Elf Queen argues she should pay less since she didn't get dessert. Thorun reveals he has to pay with a credit card and everyone else groans.

Next in the SNL Hobbit skit is part 13, "Gandalf Tries To Remember A Name."

"Who's that guy?" says Fred Armisen as Gandlaf. "He's kind of an elf? Not an elf, he's elfish. Todd?"

Thorun: "No one in this realm is named Todd!"

Gandalf: "Am I yelling?"

At this point the SNl Hobbit skit gets weird as the sketch's narrator reveals that "Then it gets janky for a while."

The next few "The Hobbit" sequels include "Hobbitz: Back N The Hood, "Grumpy Old Hobbits," Hobbit 14: The New Batch," "Sauron: Dead And Loving It," And the hilarious, "Look Who's Hobbit Now!"

We get a quick clip from that last one, which shows a baby Hobbit in a high chair while we hear Kenan Thompson's voice in the background saying, "I just dropped off a couple of Hobbits in the Shire if you know what I mean."

"Plus they're all shot in Peter Jackson's patented 'S#!T-VISION," adds the Snl Hobbit skit narrator.

But the funniest part of the SNL Hobbit Sketch might be the fake reviews from real movie critics:

"At one point, the wind blew Gandlaf's hat off and they chased after it for two entire movies." -Roger Ebert

"I fell asleep for 45 minutes and when I woke up the dwarves were assembling an Ikea dresser." -Peter Travers

Thorun: "I think we're done."

Another dwarf (played by Bobby Moynihan) "Well then where do these go?"

Gandalf, "Oh F**k!"

"It all leads up to the epic finale," says the SNL Hobbit skit narrator. "Hobbit 19 'Roadtrip!' In theaters July of 2028, take your grandkids!"

Which was your favorite fake sequel title in the SNL Hobbit skit? Do you agree with the sketch or do you think it makes sense to split the book into three movies? Share your thoughts in the comments.