After Andy Samberg left Saturday Night Live last May that marked an end for The Lonely Island's notorious "Digital Shorts" ... or did it?

Last night (January 26, 2013) was a show full of surprises! Samberg, Cameron Diaz, and Jerry Seinfeld all made an appearance during host Adam Levine's opening monologue.

But that wasn't all! Following a hysterical fireman skit where Bill Hader plays a screeching lunatic came something I wasn't expecting.

It was ... another digital short, ladies and gentlemen. I nearly lost it.

The title of the short is called "YOLO" which has become a frequently heard term now-a-days.

Samberg starts off:

"YOLO. You only live once. It's a battle cry of this generation."

However, instead playing up the "live every day like it's your last" vibe that "YOLO" is supposed to mean, The Lonely Island twists it to mean that you should be extra careful because you could die any second.


For instance, The Lonely Island suggests you stay away from:

- Loud clubs

- Drugs

- Banks

- Travel

- Pianos

- Saunas

- Stairs

- Uncooked Meat

- Kids

- Furnitue

- The Sun

- Teeth

I could go on but ... why not watch it for yourself. Thank you 'SNL' and The Lonely Island for not disappointing.

Kendrick Lamar and Danny McBride also make an appearance in this short.