Snapchat is making strides among social media companies. According to Yahoo Finance analysts are predicting that the popular social media channel may join the ranks of companies on the New York Stock Exchange . If Snapchat files for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) it could pass up other social media channels in stock prices.

Snapchat has been wildly popular among millennials. The social media app works by using short messages and videos, “snaps” and “chats” for its users to communicate. The whole purpose of Snapchat is to give a quick update. Creating a snap is easy since when users click on the app, and are automatically synced with user phone photo and video systems. Sharing happens when users select a friend from the address book and click on the camera icon and take a new picture.

The easy app has been so popular that TV networks are jumping on to make original content to draw viewers who would rather watch programming online.

According to The Verge , Comedy Central has shows in development for the popular quick video social tool, Snapchat . The cable channel has one set to debut called Swag-A-Saurus. The 10-second show hosted by comedian James Davis . On the show he will explain slang words and phrases for viewers.

Comedy Central plans to launch four more shows featuring comedians Nikki Glaser, Liza Treyger, Yassir Lester, and Michelle Wolf, but did not disclose premiere dates for the other programs, The Verge reports.

Creating shows for Snapchat could be a great move for Comedy Central to attract millennials to the channel. Snapchat’s popularity has been growing as more millennials flock to the social media app. The Los Angeles based company has been attracting big name celebrities who continue to open accounts to create quick videos. Among its most popular celebrity users is Kylie Jenner.

Democratic Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is also joining the ranks of celebrities, politicians and designer brands opening accounts on Snapchat . According to MSNBC The politician opened an account so he could learn all about the social media app and connect with users.

Opening a Snapchat account could help Sanders gain attention of younger millennial voters. The race toward the presidency has a lot of competition for Republicans and Democrats.