Elder Scrolls Fans! It's time for the latest dose of speculation and prognostication relating to the latest rumors surrounding the mysterious "Redguard" DLC for "Skyrim." First and foremost, let's recap why we THINK there's going to be a "Skyrim" Redguard DLC release date.

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The whole Redguard rumor is based on some trademark paperwork filed by ZeniMax. The company filed the "Reguard" trademark back in 2011, but has renewed it several times. The most recent extension was filed on Feb. 7. So, it stands to reason they want to do something with the trademarked name "Redguard" but what?

This is where the patent office language gets a little murky. On the official paperwork it says the "Redguard" trademark is for "computer game software for use with computers and video game consoles; downloadable computer game software offered via the internet and wireless devices." It doesn't say specifically what platform the trademark will be used on.

Old school Elder Scrolls fans will remember way back in 1998, between "Getting' Jiggy Wit It" and "Armageddon," there was a little title known as "The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard." It was a swashbuckling type story involving a man named Cyrus and his quest to rescue his family. It wasn't at all like an "Elder Scrolls" game in the traditional sense. The only reason I mention it is because some people think the trademark is somehow related to this game and I can assure you it is not. Companies do not renew trademarks for 15-year-old games for the hell of it. Hiring DLA Piper to file paperwork on your behalf is not cheap.

Ok, enough of the boring legal mumbo jumbo. Bethesda and ZeniMax want to do something with "Redguard" and the most logical project for the companies to pursue is more "Skyrim" DLC. For starters, a new "Elder Scrolls" game will be next gen, which is going to require a lot of time from their core group of designers. However, since there are plenty of active "Skyrim" players in the world willing to buy anything DLC related, the company is likely going to put smaller teams on DLC to keep fans (reasonably) happy. "Elder Scrolls: Oblivion" received a total of 10 different DLC releases ranging from the middling Horse Armor to the epic, quest-heavy "Shivering Isles." As of now, "Skyrim" has the middling "Hearthfire" and two quest-heavy DLCs in "Dragonborn" and "Dawnguard." If "Oblivion" is any guide then are definitely going to be more DLC releases for "Skyrim" in the near future.

So, we KNOW Bethesda is registering the "Redguard" trademark and it's HIGHLY LIKLEY BASED ON PREVIOUS GAMES that there's more DLC coming. Is it really a stretch to suggest the new "Skyrim" DLC will be "Redguard?"

No. It's not. Of course, Bethesda is being their usual tight-lipped selves when pressed on the subject.

Unlike "Call of Duty," the "Elder Scrolls" games don't release DLC along a predictable timetable. Bethesda likes to take their time (ask any PS3 owner) and won't release something until they're good and ready. However, Bethesda needs to make money. The only project they have listed as an "upcoming game" is "Elder Scrolls Online." Yes, there will probably be Redguards in the game but the filing was for a trademark which means they want slap Redguard on a box as a title.

If "Dragonborn" is any indication then Bethesda won't announce the "Redguard" DLC until a month or so before it releases. Bethesda has no panels listed on the PAX East schedule, so an announcement is unlikely there. I think we'll hear about the "Elder Scrolls Online" release date (expected in mid-to-late 2013) before we hear about another "Skyrim" DLC release date. Beta starts for "Elder Scrolls Online" at the end of the month and since a fall launch is expected I think that the "Skyrim" Redguard DLC release date will come this Summer with an announcement before E3 so the company has some goodies to show off.

Since Bethesda isn't giving us ANY details, this means we "Elder Scrolls" fans get to sit on our arses and speculate what a "Redguard" DLC would be like. And, based on some great speculation on Reddit we have some awfully plausible theories out there. Reddit user ColdBeefPile did his homework and enlightened fans that at the end of "The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard" Cyrus kills the dragon Nahfahlaar. Cyrus isn't dragonborn so the soul goes into the ground or rocks or sky or ether or wherever it is dragon souls chillax in limbo. Since the story in "Skyrim" is that the dragons came back, then Nahfahlaar should be up and about, probably wreaking grumpy morning dragon havoc on his semi-final resting place: the island of Stros M'Kai.

Wait what? An island? Stros M'Kai is now the perfect setting for a DLC. Programmers can do the great "hop in the boat and sail there" trick to take you to an open-worldish map enclosed by the sea on all sides a la Solstheim.

Stros M'Kai is also referenced several times in "Skyrim." At the start of the game, if you create a Redgaurd Hadvaar asks you: "What are you doing here, Redguard? Are you a sellsword? A sailor from Stros M'Kai?" Then there's the Jarrin root. During the "To Kill An Empire" quest on the Dark Brotherhood storyline, players are given Jarrin root, a poison made from a plant native to Stros M'Kai. "Skyrim" references many places in the "elder Scrolls" universe, true, but including references to Stros M'Kai certainly doesn't make it less likely the island could be the setting for some DLC.

What else would we find on Stros M'Kai? Lots of Dwemer ruins. Dwemer ruins are a big part of the story and the exploring in "Skyrim" so, from a development perspective, the code for authentic Dwemer items already exists. No need to redesign a whole new culture on Stros M'Kai because "Skyrim" has plenty of Dwemer items in it. It also houses The Orrey, an astronomical wonder that players re-built as part of an "Oblivion" DLC.

Any trip to Stros M'Kai (or anywhere in Redguard territory) would likely be treacherous for players who use lots of magic. The backstory of the Redguard people includes a helthy distrust of magic according to Trayvond the Redguard from "Oblivion." His backstory, on the Elder Scrolls Wiki, contains the following dialogue: "Redguards don't much like spellcasters, because wizards steal souls and tamper with minds. If you use magic, you're weak or wicked."

If the "Skyrim" Redguard DLC rumors are only half-true, then players who use magic will find themselves in a world where their "kind" is considered outcast. The "Elder Scrolls" series loves to play up class warfare and stereotyping, so the common ethical themes of acceptance overcoming prejudice found in many "Elder Scrolls" storylines would fall in line with the atmosphere found in Redguard society.

Regardless of whether or not these rumors or true, they have people excited. "Elder Scrolls" fans have been tweeting their excitement since the rumors first surfaced in January:

"4th DLC for Skyrim is rumored to be called Redguard and may give you the ability to be king of all of skyrim! I hope it's true!" tweeted ‏@TommyNoble5643

"Plus with the theory that the Redguard DLC is gonna be in Stros M'kai, it would be a perfect set up for a game in Hammerfell" said @Jay_in_a_boat

"apparently bethesda recently renewed the trademark for Redguard, which fits with the whole two-words-together theme theyve got going on." tweeted @fnool