After weeks of eager anticipation, PC gamers finally have confirmation of the "Skyrim" Dragonborn DLC release date thanks to a new blog post from the studio responsible for the game's creation.

In a new post on the Bethesda Blog, the "Skyrim" devs confirmed that the Dragonborn DLC would finally make its way to PC and PS3 in a matter of weeks. According to the post, the "Skyrim" Dragonborn DLC Steam release date is currently scheduled for a Feb. 5, and the third official "Skyrim" add-on will be released in English, French, Italian, Spanish, and German.

Check out the trailer for the "Skyrim" Dragonborn DLC.

Gamers have anxiously awaited word from Bethesda on the "Skyrim" Dragonborn DLC Steam release date for weeks now, following a December tweet from the studio which confirmed that the latest "Skyrim" DLC would be making the jump from Xbox 360 after all. Now, those who prefer their "Skyrim" mod-able will get a double-dose of "Skyrim" updates because reports also suggest that the "Skyrim" 1.8 Update will also be released on or before the "Skyrim" Dragonborn DLC Steam release date.

Unfortunately, PC gamers won't be getting the same 50 percent discount on the "Skyrim" Dragonborn DLC that's be offered to PS3 owners, though the former certainly haven't been forced to wait as long as the latter for new "Skyrim" content. In fact, many PS3 gamers grew so tired of waiting that they swore off purchasing the "Skyrim" Dragonborn DLC (or any other expansion for that matter) altogether. Their anger isn't entirely without merit either.

Everyone who plays the game and/or follows "Skyrim" news is aware that the Xbox 360 has had first dibs on "Skyrim" DLC since the game's 2011 release, with Bethesda promising delayed released for the PC and PlayStation 3. Of course, while PC "Skyrim" players have had access to the Dawnguard and Hearthfire "Skyrim" DLC for months now, PS3 players have been stuck with vanilla "Skyrim" since the game's release back in November 2011.

With all three expansions finally scheduled to make their PSN debut during February, Bethesda apparently agreed with many fans' calls for conciliatory discounts on the "Skyrim" Dragonborn, Hearthfire and Dawnguard DLC for early buyers, and will offer the half-price special for the first week that each "Skyrim" DLC pack is on sale.

For now, PC gamers will be asked to pay full price for the "Skyrim" Dragonborn DLC, though it's almost certainly only a matter of time before the next Steam Sale brings a price drop and more than a few lighter wallets.

Do you plan to buy the "Skyrim" Dragonborn DLC when it's released on Steam early next month?

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