The "Skyrim" DLC Redguard release date is likely just a few months away. Bethesda Softworks has filed a trademark on what we believe will be the next expansion pack. Read on for more info on the "Skyrim" DLC Redguard release date, details, and speculation.

Will the next "Skyrim" DLC be called Redguard? Bethesda's parent company ZeniMax Media has patented the likely title to the next expansion pack. Based on the company's "Skyrim" DLC release date history we expect the new one to launch in early to mid-spring 2013 since the last "Skyrim" DLC release date for Dragonborn arrived last December.

Bethesda has yet to confirm the "Skyrim" Redguard DLC release date, but Xbox 360: The Official Xbox Magazine is reporting that the new trademark for the new expansion defines the term "Redguard" as "downloadable computer game software offered via the Internet and wireless devices".

The magazine notes that the new "Skyrim" Redguard DLC release date will bring player to the Hammerfell where the "proud, warlike Redguards" live. These warriors are "reportedly skilled in the use of Destruction magic, the latter aren't big fans of wizards in general -- they regard any combat art that doesn't deal out punishment directly as dangerously effete."

Not everyone as certain that the next "Skyrim" DLC release date will be Redguard, and some have argued that Bethesda may simply be trademarking the phrase as a form of "legal land grabbing," but this theory falls apart when you consider the company's trademark history.

With all it's past "Skyrim" DLC release dates, the names of each expansion pack "Dragonborn," "Hearthfire," and "Dawnguard" have soon afterward become new "Skyrim" DLCs. Xbox 360 Magazine notes that "Bethesda has yet to trademark any other Elder Scrolls races, factions, placenames" and adds that they reached out to Bethesda publisher Peter Hines, who refused to confirm the rumors but wouldn't deny them either.

Hines often serves as an intermediary between Bethesda and "Skyrim" fans hungry for the next DLC release date. He frequently responds directly to tweets from gamers, though he mostly dodges questions, rarely sharing any big news before it's posted on Bethesda's official blog.

Xbox 360 Magazine also speculates that the "Skyrim" Redguard DLC release date could bring us to Dragonstar, an undeveloped city in the "Skyrim" world that's home to the Redguards as well as the Nords:

According to the Elder Scrolls wiki, the city is (or at least, was) a hotbed of political contention, chopped up Berlin-Wall-style between the Nords and Redguards in the aftermath of a long-ceased war. Visit the site today (you'll need access to a PC version and mod tools) and you'll find only an oddly featureless, geometry-less stretch of land dotted with pine trees. Going on technological insight that I absolutely don't have, this would seem a good foundation for an add-on: the less extant landscape there is to wrangle with, surely, the easier new assets are to install.

An expansion set partly or entirely within Dragonstar would be an interesting experience, thanks to the aforesaid rocky local politics, but after playing Dragonborn, I suspect the bulk of the pack may once again take place off-shore. Bethesda's decision to revisit the isle of Solstheim in the most recent expansion was a stroke of genius... Skyrim's expansions could serve as a means of publicising the game's wider universe prior to the launch of the continent-spanning Elder Scrolls Online.

In past missions, gamers have fought everything from vampires to dragons, but the "Skyrim" Reguard DLC may bring even more formidable enemies. In Dragonborn one of the most difficult foes is Ebony Warrior, who just happens to be a Redguard himself.

Elder Scrolls fans will also remember that the Skyrim Redguard DLC release date will bring gamers back to a world they've already seen. The name was the title of of an older title in the popular franchise.

There are also those speculating that the rumors surrounding the Skyrim Redguard DLC are misinformed. Could Bethesda actually be working on their first Skyrim game for mobile devices? Anything's possible, but we think the company would make more of an effort to hype such a huge move.

What do you think? When will the Skyrim Redguard DLC release date arrive and where will it take place? Hammerfell or Dragonstar? Share your thoughts in the comments and check out these Twitter posts concerning the new Skyrim DLC.

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