Is a Skyrim DLC PS3 release date on the way? We're still holding out hope that Dragonborn will hit PlayStation by the end of January, and now we're hearing rumors that all three Skyrim downloadable content could arrive on the PS3 in the next few weeks! Read on for more details.

While Bethesda Softworks has remained silent, refusing to reveal any Skyrim DLC PS3 release dates, rumors continue to fly. The latest comes from Auto-oMobile, which seems to have no trouble publishing pure speculation under the qualifiers "probably" and "prediction."

The site's latest Skyrim DLC PS3 release date rumor is based off of claims that "Bethesda has promised Dragonborn to PS3 players this month. This is the first because it's the easiest of the three to get onto the Sony console. The other two are following."

Right off the bat, there are a few things wrong with this claim regarding the upcoming Skyrim DLC PS3 release date. First, Dragonborn is not the easiest, it's simply the best. Xbox users loved the expansion so much that Bethesada decided to re-focus its PlayStation attention on the most recent DLC, effectively leapfrogging the preceding Dawnguard and Hearthfire for now.

Second, there's no proof that the Skyrim Dragonborn DLC PS3 release date is set for January 2013. Bethesda has promised that the expansion will arrive on PlayStation in "early 2013," but that's all we know so far. Bethesda Vice President Pete Hines recently interacted with an impatient PS3 Skyrim player on Twitter, and although the gaming exec refused to reveal a release date he did confirm that once Dragonborn is finished they will return to recoding Dawnguard for PlayStation.

Moving on, Auto-oMobile somehow argues that "Dragonborn PS3 is a mere month behind the Xbox 360, so the remaining two must be only a few weeks away, especially as Bethesda has sorted out the problems that were causing the delays."

We're not so sure on that one either. Even if the Skyrim Dragonborn PS3 DLC comes out this month, that's no guarantee that PlayStation users can expect to see the two other expansions arrive on their consoles anytime soon. Bethesda has consistently demonstrated a willingness to snub PS3 owners.

In fact, the general lack of any Skyrim DLC PS3 Release Date has left many PlayStation gamers angry at and disappointed with the game developer. Recently, Bethesda announced a 50 percent discount on the first two Skrim DLCs for Xbox 360, Dawnguard and Hearthfire.

This is likely because Bethesda is working their next Skyrim DLC, rumored to be called Redguard. However, the news has sparked rumors that the company may offer the upcoming PS3 DLCs at the same discount as a sort of apology for the long overdue release dates.

"Of course these are rumurs, but it would make sense," wrote Dwayne Madden for Auto-oMobile. "Whether owners of Skyrim on the PS3 are offered a discount or not, they should get some form of compensation for having to wait thing long."

We've already suggested that Bethesda President Vlatko Andonov send a handwritten apology to each and every snubbed PS3 Skyrim player of the long over-due DLC release dates, but we're not holding our breath. It seems pretty clear that the company is content to rake in the Xbox dough and see no need to rapidly expand their revenue.

Here's a taste of how badly PlayStation users are jonesing for the first Skyrim DLC PS3 release date via Twitter:

"Petition for the White House: make Bethesda sort out the whole Skyrim DLC issue on PS3," tweeted Megan ‏@QuiteCharmless.

"Sigh. Why isn't the third skyrim dlc still available for the pc/ps3? I think its been well over the month's worth of exclusivity period..." tweeted Elijs Dima ‏@X2Eliah.

"@Bethblog Have you considered asking Naughty Dog how to programme for a ps3 so we might actually see some Skyrim dlc in this lifetime?" tweeted Jenny Harper ‏@chakaflange.

"Thinking of replaying #Skyrim from scratch since #Bethesda isn't releasing any DLC for the #PS3," tweeted Aaron Dean D'souza ‏@AaronTheDean.

"@Bethblog HURRY UP WITH THE PS3 SKYRIM DLC!! /RAAAAAAGGGEEE!!!!11one!11one!!111one!!!!111!" tweeted Poppy Kurosaki ‏@PoppyKurosaki.

"Will the PS3 ever see any form of Skyrim DLC? This is getting ridiculous now," tweeted GHXIII ‏@GHXIII.

"Hey @DCDeacon, my kingdom for some Skyrim DLC on the PS3! Note: said kingdom is limited, and may or may not include a ham sandwich," tweeted Blaise Boehmer ‏@boehmerB.

"Tired of we, PS3 owners, being treated as second class citizens for Skyrim. 3 DLC additions behind the 360. Promises... Hopeless," tweeted Mark Williams ‏@Powerof3_TDM.

"Skyrim DLC needs to drop for ps3 like right meow. #skyrim #fusrodah #dragonbored," tweeted Dylan Myers ‏@DCMyers73.

"Im very disappointed with #Bethesda. They have no respect for us #PS3 users. Simple like that," tweeted Lunnari ‏@Inlladrys.

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