Who doesn't want to watch the "Sharknado" movie online? Click here for a live stream of tonight's premiere of "Sharknado" online at 9 p.m. EDT (but please do so at your own risk).

Sharknado Update!

Turns out TONS of funny comedians/celebrities shared in the love of the Sharknado movie online. Sharknado put up some crazy Twitter stats, and we gathered the BEST Sharknado movie tweets for you here.

The "Sharknado" movie's online buzz has been rapidly increasing all week, ever since people across the world started to realize that the Sharknado movie online was, in fact, a real thing and not some hoax cooked up by an evil genius who's great at shattering dreams. Not familiar with the Sharknado movie? Online trailers like this one should help you out:

Sharknado Movie Trailer


The "Sharknado" movie will hopefully be half as good as the "Sharknado" online trailer. Because the trailer is freaking fantastic. First, the obvious awesomeness. Tara Reid AND Ian Ziering together on screen lets you know that the "Sharknado" movie will be just full of gravitas and fine acting. Then there's the amazing snippets of dialogue we get, including Ms. Reid announcing they need to stop a tornado and Ziering shouting "We can't just stay here while sharks rain down on us!" Solid f---king gold.

Think the "Sharknado" movie is just a bunch of junk? Think again. The fancy pants over at the Atlantic Wire thought it was important enough to interview the movie's director, Anthony C. Ferrante. He talked about what it takes to bring the mindblowing combination of sharks+tornados to life.

"Sharks in a tornado," the movie's director Anthony C. Ferrante told the Atlantic Wire in an interview Monday. "It has a simple explanation then you are off and running."

Ferrante described "Sharknado" as a kind-of extension of the shark-based fears moviegoers have loved since "Jaws."

"If Jaws is 'just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water,'" Ferrante explained, "this is 'just when you thought it was safe to go to your living room,' 'just when you thought it was safe to take your kids to school on a school bus,' 'just when you thought it was safe to look up at the sky and have a bunch of sharks rain down on you.'"

As for the premise itself? Yes, the "Sharknado" movie has a lot of people rolling their eyes at the implausibility, but Ferrante insists that the scientific possibility of a Sharknado is higher than that of other, more popular TV fare.

"I'd say the chance of a sharknado happening is probably bigger than a zombie outbreak," he said.