Have you seen the shocking new Shark Week Commercial from Discovery Channel yet?


The new Shark Week commercial starts as a fake news report about a seal named Snuffy being released back into the wild. However, the ad takes a darkly comedic turn as Snuffy meets an untimely end.

The tagline for the ad states, "It's a bad week to be a seal."

BuzzFeed noted that the Shark Week ad has offended some people, but an overwhelming majority of people think it's the best commercial ever.

The 26th annual Shark Week kicks off August 4 with Discovery Channel saying it has scheduled the most hours of shark programming ever. Shark Week 2013 will feature 12 Shark Week episode as well as the launch of the "Shark After Dark" late-night talk show to discuss Shark Week highlights as well as feature unexpected guests, shark experts, shark attack survivors, and more, according to Discovery Channel's press release.

Discovery Channel's Shark Week 2013 programming includes "Sharkpocalypse", which examines the trend of shark moving in closer to shorelines; "Return of Jaws", which features Shark Cam, a robot submarine; "Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives" about the search for a massive killer white shark that went on a killing spree off the coast of South Africa.

If you're counting down to Shark Week 2013, this website could come in handy.

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