Chris Angulo definitely caught the world's attention today when the Lavallette native climbed to the top of the damaged Seaside Heights roller coaster that now rests in the ocean.

Angulo, 38, climbed to the top of the Jet Star Roller Coaster in Seaside Heights, NJ on Tuesday, Jan. 8. After getting on top of the ride, Angulo displayed the American flag. Police arrived shortly after, and CBS reports that the man didn't resist arrest and "hopped into a waiting police boat."

Police reported to CBS that Angulo was then "handcuffed and walked through the surf to a police car on the beach."

News 12 reports that the New Jersey native was trying to call attention to the Sandy recovery by raising the flag.

The photo was immediately posted on Facebook, and users seem to have mixed reactions about Angulo's dangerous stunt. One woman called the 38-year-old "stupid" for climbing the structure. Others believe that as "a free American citizen" Angulo can climb whatever he likes. What most can agree on is that the fallen roller coaster will likely be removed soon thanks to his stunt. Although Angulo was able to swim out and climb it, Facebook users are worried that people who are not equipped to scale the structure (or are drunk) may not be as lucky.

Twitter seems to find the whole ordeal to be a hoot though:

@ItsLeGudge- I like that dude who climbed the roller coaster in seaside and posted up the American flag up there. This is America.

@TjCarragher- Much respect to the marine guy who was arrested for climbing and hanging the america flag on the roller coaster in the water off of seaside

@AshleyySchmitt- shout out to the guy who climbed the roller coaster in seaside and got arrested today

@Dawnereneeblair- Mad respect for the guy who climped the roller coaster in seaside that's in the water and is waving the American flag #Believe #InTheShore

Since Hurricane Sandy struck at the end of October, the Seaside Heights roller coaster has become the image most identified with the destruction.

Seaside Heights Roller Coaster