Track Palin, the oldest son of Sarah Palin, the former Republican vice presidential candidate, commentator and author, has filed for divorce from wife Britta Hanson.

The couple filed for a divorce jointly in an Alaskan court, reports TMZ. But there is no word on how the couple will split the custody of their one-year-old daughter Kyla. According to the Alaskan law, if a couple has filed a joint divorce, they are said to have made all settlements in terms of property and child support.

Georgia has different laws of handling support and custody issues. According to Georgia law, couples filing for divorce should create a plan stating how they will raise their children post-divorce. The plan should authorize either one or both parents to take decisions in terms of children's health, extracurricular activities and religious upbringing.

So if Palin and Hanson share legal custody of their daughter, they will both have the power to take decisions for Kyla. And if it's a joint physical custody, Kyla will have to divide her time between her mother and father.

Prior to the final divorce, Palin and Hanson have to attend an online class to watch a 48-minute video that talks about the impact of failed marriage on children. Fulton County requires all couples going through a divorce to attend a four-hour seminar called "Families in Transition" and they need to attend the seminar within 30 days of the service of a Court Order, which costs $30 per person.

TMZ reports that Track Palin is an Army reservist who served in Iraq. At present he works as a commercial fisherman, but plans to go back to college.