Jerry Sandusky seeks a less harsh prison term, saying the conditions he is being housed in are too restrictive. Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State assistant convicted of child molestation, is asking for prison officials to house him in less harsh conditions.

Jerry Sandusky seeks a less harsh prison condition, his lawyer said, now that his health has improved, and is ready to get on with his appeal process.

"I was meeting with a man who was again ready to press forward, who has regenerated his energies and has clearly devoted his time and energy to perfecting that appeal," Karl Rominger. Jerry Sandusky's laywer, told the Associated Press. "His fight is 100 percent back."

Jerry Sandusk seeks less harsh prison conditions because he is currently being housed as a level 5 prisoner, despite having a level 2 inmate rating. The prison system says Jerry Sandusky's harsh prison condition is for his own safety, but Jerry Sandusky seeks a less harsh prison condition.

The level 5 designation means Jerry Sandusky is alone in his cell for 23 hours a day, and is only allowed two phone calls per month.

"We're not completely devoid of common sense," Rominger said. "We understand the prison system is trying to balance their concerns about physical safety. We are just looking for middle ground."

But if Jerry Sandusky seeks less harsh prison conditions, he won't find any supporters on Twitter. Twitter users voiced their opinions on Sandusky seeking less harsh conditions, and most of them were in favor of harsher conditions for the convicted child molester.