Yesterday, in a rushed yet epic move, Samsung stole Nokia's glory by announcing the first smartphone on the market to feature Microsoft Windows 8 platform. The announcement was made on Wednesday, at a Berlin electronics show stunning the world, and its struggling Finnish competitor, Nokia, with the revelation.

According to Sid Parakh, investment analyst at McAdams Wright Ragen "It looks like a good phone"

Windows Phone 8: A Replacement for Galaxy S3?

Parakh speculates, as do many others, that Samsung's move to unveil the Windows Phone 8 ahead of Nokia is undoubtedly linked to the recent ruling by the U.S. jury which determined several of Samsung's Android-based phones infringed Apple Inc patents and may soon result in banning of 8 or more popular devices, including the flagship best seller, the Galaxy S3.

"Microsoft or Windows never got their best teams, never got their best designs, just because Android was doing so well. With the change in the legal environment, there's a case to be made that Samsung will likely shift some of those resources to broaden out or diversify their own exposure." said Parakh

Samsung Ativ S: The First Windows 8 Phone

The Ativ S as Samsung dubs it, comes with an impressive number of key features smartphone users everywhere will love, including a dual core processor, expandable microSD card and the increasingly popular NFC ability which was much raved about in the Galaxy S3

Samsung has made sure to provide this model plenty of power, adding a 2,300mAh battery for longer life and 1GB of RAM. Out of package it will include 16GB and 32GB storage depending on the version, and come packaged with popular Samsung apps, like the Music Hub and Media Hub.

The Ativ S has a slim-lined design while providing a generous 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display. The phone also features 2 cameras, a rear-facing 8-megapixel camera with autofocus and an LED flash and a 1.9-megapixel front-facing camera.

The device of course will feature new software for Windows Phone 8 which was revealed in June.

Can Nokia Make a Comeback?

To me, this marriage of best seller Samsung and the new Windows 8 Platform are a match made in heaven. In Samsung you can be sure the device will be quality while also giving a taste of some gee whiz features and design. As to the Windows 8 platform, this has it has provided the most stable environment of any mobile platform. Plus, Microsoft has done a pretty nice job of adding features to the Windows 8 platform which will not only increase productivity for work and life, but also render a few 'gee whiz" reactions of its own.

With Nokia Windows Phone 8 launch set for early September, there is still time for the company to wrangle a few upgraded specs of their own, perhaps gaining a foothold back in the mobile market.

According to analyst Tero Kuittinen, "Expectations for a 40 megapixel or possibly 20 megapixel camera model are running high. If Nokia does not unveil a monster camera handset next week, many will be disappointed."

At this point, my guess is, only time will tell.