The Samsung Galaxy S6 release date is nearly here and many are deciding what they will do with their old Android devices. While some people will consider trading in their old Android phones on April 10 to cut down on the price of a new Samsung Galaxy S6, others may throw it in a drawer with the rest of their discarded electronic devices to gather dust. According to the People Power software company, there are a number of cool alternative uses for your old Android devices when you upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Here are six great ideas for recycling your old Android devices that think outside the box of trade-ins.

6 Ways To Turn Your Old Android Smartphone Into An Awesome Alternative Electronic Device


#1 – Turn Your Old Android Device Into A Video Surveillance System To Monitor Your Home

Samsung Galaxy s6 release date how to Turn Your Old Android Device Into A Video Surveillance System Don't throw out your old Android device when you upgrade. Turn it into a video surveillance system for your home! People Power

With the free Presence app created by People Power, you can turn your old unused Android phone or tablet into a video surveillance system to monitor your home. It also has smart home energy control to automate lighting appliances within your home and gives you insight into how to reduce your monthly energy spend. If you’ve considered putting up a surveillance system in your home then this may be the way to go over trading in your device for the new Galaxy S6


#2 Turn Your Old Android Smartphone Into A Chromecast Streaming Stick

Galaxy S6 Release Date How To Turn Your Old Android Smartphone Into A Chromecast Streaming Stick Old Android devices make great Chromecast stick replacements for streaming media to your television. Chromecast

It’s the age of the cord- cutters right now and if you’ve been considering going that route but weren’t sure what equiptment you might need or didn’t feel up to investing in any yet, the turning your old Android device into a  Chromecast streaming stick could be a great solution. Instead of trading in that old Android phone, repurpose it as a media controller that you can keep on your coffee table and use to wirelessly stream video content from apps like Hulu and HBO or audio content from services like Pandora.


#3 – Turn Old Smartphones Into Dedicates Electronic Photo Frames

 samsung galaxy s6 release date alternative uses old smartphone android device how to turn into remote Electronic picture frames are a great alternative use for your old smartphone or tablet. Sony

Dayframe is a free app that will turn your unused phone into a dedicated photo frame. You can put your device on a stand and let it play an endless stream of photos at a party or event. You can plug it into different social networks to bring updated pictures directly to your phone. If you’re into displaying your digital collection of photography for everyone to see, these would be a great way to use your old smartphone or tablet.


#4 – Turn Your Old Smartphone Into The Kid’s Newest Electronic Play And Learn Device

 samsung galaxy s6 release date alternative uses old smartphone android device price upgrade A new kid's electronic learning device like Leap Frog can be expensive. Turning our old smartphone into a kid's educational tool is a great alternative use. Leap Frog

Forget expensive electronic learning tools like Leap Frog, with  Zoodles’ Kid Mode app parents can recycle their old Android phone into a dedicated device for their kids. The app ensures your kids are learning and playing in a safe digital environment as well as assures parents that their kids won’t accidentally mess up anything on the phone in any way. Zoodles has thousands of learning games and videos designed to measure your child’s learning progress. In the Parent Dashboard, you can set time limits, block websites, and allow specific apps that kids can only leave with your permission. The free app puts parents in control of what their kids are doing online.


#5 Turn Your Old Android Phone Into An Extended Storage Device

how to free up storage on your android device smartphone galaxy s Freeing up storage is always an issue with smartphones. Turning your old device into a extra storage copartment can be a great solution and heaper than purchasing more memory or a cloud storage account. Screenshot

With all the movies music, pictures and apps we keep loaded on our smartphones, it still never seems to be enough storage for it all. With a wireless flash drive app like SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive, however, you can turn your old device into extra storage for photos, music, movies and other files.  This app requires a SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive to wirelessly store, share and stream content between smartphones, tablets and computers. You don’t have to rely on Internet availability for the app to work either. Even if you are upgrading to the New Galaxy S6, keeping the old smartphone around for extra storage could be a great solution.


#6 Turn Your Old Android Device Into A Portable Document Scanner

how to turn smartphone into a portable scanner If you find yourself frequently in need of a scanner, your old smartphone can work as a great portable scanning device. Magic Wand

With Genius Scan app, you can turn your old Android device into a portable document scanner instead of buying an expensive stationary scanner. The app allows you to scan documents on the go or at home and send them as a PDF or JPEG file. Technology within the app includes smart page detection, perspective correction and image post-processing to make sure the documents are aligned and lighting is uniform. Using your extra device as a dedicated file scanner will ensure you never run out of storage on your everyday phone.

Will you be trading in your old device for a Galaxy S6 or repurposing it? Share with us in the comments below.