The Samsung Galaxy S4 recently hit the sales milestone of 10 million shipped units and became Android's fastest-selling phone ever. The Galaxy S4's 5-inch screen and zippy quad-core processor, when compared with the iPhone's 4-inch and two-core processor, are just a few aspects of what makes the smartphone a heavy contender in the mobile market.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is extremely popular because of its incredible processing power and top-tier hardware. The smartphone has an advanced 13 megapixel camera, not to mention a user-friendly interface that allows you to take pictures and edit them on the go. The Galaxy S4 has several other proprietary features such as "Photo Blur," which allows users to erase people or things from a photo with just a few clicks. The Galaxy S4 also lets you sync the device with one of your friends' devices. As long as it's a Galaxy S, so that you're able to share photos.

Aside from that, the Galaxy S4, which is loaded with Android 4.2.2, is a much more versatile device when it comes to pursuing other tasks. If you want to change the channel on your TV, you can do so with the S4, assuming you have a compatible Samsung TV. When it comes to screens, the S4's 5-incher is very sharp. Samsung used an HD Super AMOLED screen and hiked up the resolution to an impressive 1920x1080 at 441 pixels per inch. Memory is always an important aspect of the phone, and the Galaxy S4 knows that. With 2 GB of RAM, the smartphone allows you to run more apps than before and have open more tabs in your browser.

Even with all the incredible features packed into the Galaxy S4, some users have been reporting issues with the phone. Although we can't say with any certitude whether these problems are persistent on all devices, it's clear that some Galaxy S4 devices have been experiencing problems.

Here are the top five Galaxy S4 Problems:

Samsung Galaxy S4 Heating Issues:

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been reported to have issues heating up much during gaming and browsing, causing the battery life to decrease. Android Advices, a site dedicated to Android, filmed a short video of the problem as they stumbled upon numerable complaints. What they found, as the clip will indicate, was that the device does in fact heat up during game playback and browsing, mainly around the camera area. They noted, though, that it does not go to the extent found on the Snapdragon S4 devices.

However, there are shortcuts so that your Galaxy S4 does not overheat. Disabling the Wi-Fi and GPS when not in use can help for starters. In conjunction, if you're not using the Air Gesture, Sync, Smart Stay, Smart Scroll or Air View features then you can go ahead and disable those too. Even if you just scan through the phone's running apps you're bound to find a couple that you don't need at that time.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Headphone Issues:

The Samsung Galaxy S4's headphone problem started out small, but became increasingly prevalent on the forums. Users have reported hearing crackling noises and much distortion when playing audio at a high range of volume. But, it does not appear to be an issue with the stock headphones, only when using aftermarket ones.

Phones Review, a UK-based site that reviews phone content, claimed that the cause for the issue might be the impedance of whichever headphones are being used. The stock ones that Samsung provides with the phone are 32 ohms, but other headphones might be only half as much or even lower depending on the frequency. But their conclusion isn't one to settle on, as every users experience changes and some might not see a difference in impedance a problem. According to them, though, the Samsung Galaxy S4 model that sees this issue most frequently is the GT-I9595, which is powered with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Storage Issues:

The Samsung Galaxy S4, advertised as having 16GB of storage, recently limited some of that storage after the smartphone appeared on the BBC's consumer affairs show "Watchdog," in which they investigated the device after user complaints. Samsung defended themselves, saying that the lack of space was necessary to provide users with "more powerful features."

While the Galaxy S4 does offer a memory card slot, it's worth mentioning that you can't install apps on the memory card and can only use it for storing movies, music, pictures, etc. Sure, you could circumvent all of this with a stumbled-upon loophole, but you risk giving up any warranty you may have.

Users can look forward to, however, Samsung's new "Google Edition" for the Galaxy S4, which was announced at their I/O developers conference. The version, which is to debut in June, is pure Android, meaning it will offer the premium Samsung hardware, but none of Samsung's apps.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Wi-Fi Issues:

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has indeed had some issues connecting to certain Wi-Fi networks, which Samsung has confirmed.

"This is a problem caused by firmware stored on a specific access point in D-Link routers. Customers should update their firmware to the latest version or reboot the access point," a Samsung spokeswoman told ZDNet.

According to the site, the most often affected routers are the D-Link model, the DIR-66 and DIR-855 models, among others. It is not a region-specific issue, as all users are affected. So don't feel singled out.

D-Link also acknowledged the Galaxy S4 issue, claiming that they are "actively researching" to find a cause. In the interim, though, they suggest that those using the DIR-665 or the DIR-855 could alleviate the inconvenience by logging into the web interface and disabling the Wireless Multimedia Extensions (WME, also known as Wi-Fi Multimedia or WMM).

Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Issues:

The Samsung Galaxy S4's battery, as you might imagine, can be a little weak at times. I mean, with all of that screen resolution and strong colors, it's no wonder the device is constantly running low on juice. But, as with the overheating issue, there are small ways to prevent this. Closing apps that are not in use or are plain trivial can help a great deal.

Galaxy S4 apps like Google Play Music and Media Server are huge battery-drainers. Just closing those two can retain a good bit of the device's life for the time being. It's still not clear at this point whether the problem applies to the Galaxy S4 handset itself or the Android operating system. But, users also have the option of purchasing an extended or external battery.

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