With less than two weeks to go before AT&T will begin accepting Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-orders, the network has finally revealed it's Galaxy S4 release date pricing plans, updating a prior announcement with subsidized pricing info for both models of the upcoming Android device on Wednesday.

After confirming that the network would once again be the first to launch Samsung's latest Galaxy device, AT&T has finally revealed pricing information for the 16GB Samsung Galaxy S4 ahead of the phone's release date later this month. The network previously revealed pricing information for the 32GB Samsung Galaxy S4, but have since updated their announcement to include the 16GB model's price as well.

The updated post on the company's Consumer Blog now confirms that AT&T's Galaxy S4 release date will see a $199.99 price tag accompany the 16GB Galaxy S4, while the 32GB Galaxy S4 will set customers back $249.99 with a two-year service agreement. Interested customers will be able to pre-order the Galaxy S4 on/after April 16; however, AT&T hasn't revealed the final Samsung Galaxy S4 release date at this time.

The price won't be particularly surprising to many, given that T-Mobile announced they would charge $199 for the device as well, though many will likely be glad to hear that AT&T is only charging an extra $50 to upgrade to the 32GB Samsung Galaxy S4. AT&T also has the added bonus of launching the device first, with GS4 pre-orders scheduled to begin just over two weeks before T-Mobile's own Galaxy S4 release date.

Surprisingly, neither Sprint or Verizon have confirmed their Galaxy S4 release date or pricing plans at this time, though both are expected to support Samsung's latest Android device on their respective networks after launch. There's also still no word on the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini release date, despite confirmation of the phone's existence emerging last month.

Are you planning to buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 when the phone launches later this month, or are you holding out for another device scheduled for release during 2013?

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