With the Samsung Galaxy S4 release upon us, more and more information is leaking out, and now, we have pictures of Samsung's upcoming device to go along with it.

TuttoAndroid, an Italian Android blog, found an image on Picasa of what they're saying is a press image of the Samsung Galaxy S4. You can see the image here. Basically, the supposed phone is very similar to other, already existing, devices and software. SamMobile pointed out that the user interface, from what they saw in the image, is very similar to the existing TouchWiz UX. Similarly, the actual design of the phone in the image is very similar to the Galaxy Note 2, which is already on the market and is another Samsung device.

According to the TuttoAndroid post, they find it a little hard to believe as well. [Disclaimer: the original post was in Italian, and we used Google Translate to decipher the post.] According to them, the image was dated December 27, 2012, and no one noticed it because of the holiday festivities and the general busy-ness in the tech industry over CES 2013.

That being said, if the picture is authentic, what can users expect from the Galaxy S4? Well, judging from this photo, it seems like the Galaxy S4 will be an "evolved" version of the Galaxy S3 and a bit more refined and aesthetically pleasing. The central home button is still there, similar to the iPhone 5, and shows that both Samsung and Apple have decided against completely eliminating all button, but rather keeping a few. The most interesting thing in the picture itself is the time and date stamp: April 22 at 10:45. If this picture is authentic, this might indicate that Samsung might be releasing their Galaxy S4 phone at that time. Of course, this is all conjecture, especially since many news outlets have already called this photo a fake.

There's not much information about the Samsung Galaxy S4, but, recently, SamMobile wrote that the official release date for the S4 would be April 15, 2013. The Galaxy S4, codenamed "Altius," would be introduced at either MWC 2013 or a special event in March. If Samsung were to have an event in March 2013, it could happen at a number of locations, including London, U.K., New York City, NY, or Korea. Also reported was a very unique feature: wireless charging. Like the Nexus 4 and the Nokia Lumia 920, the Samsung Galaxy S4 would have wireless charging, and would be purchased as an accessory a few weeks after the official release of the device. In addition to wireless charging, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will have the best hardware features, including Super AMOLED Full HD Resolution Display, 2GB of RAM, 13 Megapixel Rear facing Camera capable of shooting 1080p Full HD Videos at 30FPS, 2 Megapixel front facing camera capable of shooting 720p HD Videos and running Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean out of the box.

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