Samsung's new flagship smartphone device, the Galaxy S3, was long-awaited by mobile-computing enthusiasts, but just days after the device was released, Samsung is being hit with a slew of complaints from customers who didn't get exactly what they'd bargained for.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was met with an unprecedented amount of demand, so much so that U.S. carriers cannot keep up. Some have alleged that the device was rushed out by Samsung, too, because of the number of problems that the device has faced since its release. Here are five problems that have been reported since the phone's release:

Battery Drain: This has been a problem for several Android devices, and the Samsung Galaxy S3 is no exception. Battery drain issues have been reported for international versions of the phone. Users have complained that the battery drains far too quickly even when sitting in stand-by mode. Reports are suggesting that the phone is calculating 50-70 percent more power consumption than it actually uses. Phones experiencing battery problems can be fixed through a software update that is automatically being pushed out to affected phones.

U.S. versions of the Samsung Galaxy S3 have also reported battery drain issues, primarily while connecting to LTE. ""There is definitely some type of bug that is draining Samsung S3 batteries. I can have days where my battery lasts all day with really heavy usage, and there are other days where I start losing about 10 percent of battery life every hour or more. You can tell when your battery is crashing because your phone will stay warm even if you close all open apps in task manager. . I am trying to pinpoint the cause, but it might be when the phone is struggling to connect to the LTE network," said one user according to this Wireless and Mobile News report.

Overheating: This issue has also been persistent among several Android smartphones, including Samsung's predecessor to the Galaxy S3, the Galaxy S2. Although it's unclear why the phone is overheating, on possibility is that this could lie in the battery consumption problem. Another possibility is that because the back cover of the phone is plastic, it does not insulate heat from the battery as well as a metal one would.

Microphone Issues: The fact that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is facing microphone issues is devastating. Although the smartphone can be used for so many things besides talking, and although this report shows that most people use their phone for other functions anyways, it's still the only point of differentiation between a smartphone and a tablet. The microphone is part of the Galaxy S3's smartphone DNA.

Fix Ya is reporting that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has a malfunctioning microphone. Users are complaining that the volume levels are extremely low on the receiving end of calls and that the calls are unclear because of microphone issues. Fix Ya has suggested that users try updating the firmware first, and if that doesn't work, try resetting to factory settings from the "Settings" menu on the device.

Charging Issues: This issue is likely to do with the way that the device is using the battery. Users are complaining that the smartphone is taking far too long to charge and will occassioally get stuck on a certain percentage for more than an hour. For anyone that's semi-familiar with handheld devices, it should be apparent that batteries typically do not take that long to charge.

Wi-Fi Connectivity: Although this isn't as devastating as the microphone and battery issues, Samsung Galaxy S3 users have had difficulty using the phone around the home and at cafes because of the flawed wireless connection. Users are reporting that the Galaxy S3 drops the signal when connected to a Wi-Fi network. The company is currently working on a fix and is likely to release a software update sometime in the near future.