Samsung Galaxy S3, the flagship smartphone from the South Korean electronics giant, has sold over 30 million units, according to reports.

Within the last two months, the sales of this smartphone crossed 10 million units. Samsung had apparently predicted the sales figure of its Galaxy S3 gadget to touch 30 million by the end of the year, states a report by Next Web. The report mentions that the company tweeted the news of its Galaxy S3 overseeing 30 million unit sales.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was launched in September earlier this year and was even touted as a stiff competitor to the Apple iPhone series. The 30-million sales figure mark should keep Samsung in good stead considering that the South Korean manufacturer brings out gadgets, especially smartphones and mobile-phones targeting the low cost gadget market, at regular intervals without having any fixed period.

"The Galaxy S III continues to be a runaway favorite with customers across the world," said Samsung's J.K Shin at a press interaction earlier.

The growth of demand for high-end smartphones can be attributed as one of the reasons for Samsung overseeing high profits which in turn has led to high sales figures of the Galaxy S3, says Huffington Post.

There are other areas into which the South Korean manufacturer has made forays, most notable among these being consumer durables, TVs and even display panels. As for the Galaxy S3, there is still demand for it and a potential increase in demand is also around the corner since the holiday season is fast approaching.

Galaxy S3 is incorporated with technology that provides features such as S-Voice, which in turn is touted to be a competitor to Apple iphone's voice assistant Siri. Apart from this, some other notable features that the device provides are 50GB of Dropbox storage, Smart Stay Eye Tracking and the Swype text input mechanism. The S3 also lets users enjoy music through its Stereo FM Radio.