The Samsung Galaxy S 4 mini release has been confirmed by Samsung. While the Korean company didn't give a date as to when the smaller version of their smartphone would be available, the confirmation by Samsung of the Galaxy S 4 mini is a good sign. Specifics weren't announced, though it looks as if the mini version will arrive sometime soon after April 16. Read on for more information about the Samsung Galaxy S 4 mini.

The Galaxy S 4 mini specs are unreleased at this time, though one can imagine it will have specifications similar to the Galaxy S 4. The company admitted to the upcoming device in a profile BusinessWeek did on the company:

"The Galaxy S 4 doesn't come out until late April. It's fast, has a big, bright screen, and will probably be another huge hit for Samsung, as will the S 4 mini that will go on sale soon after.

Definitely doesn't get much clearer than that. Samsung in this way is in stark contrast to Apple: One company openly divulges their plans while the other company guards their's with their life. They try to anyway.

While Samsung hasn't given an official date for their Galaxy S 4 mini phone, knowing the phone is definitely coming to market may relieve some fans. Samsung also did not announce a price for the phone though we imagine it will be cheaper than the Galaxy S 4.

Click here for a list of features of Samsung's upcoming smartphone the Galaxy S 4, or see below:

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is jam packed with features. Some look pretty useful, others look like a gimmick to add a bullet point on the back of the box. Many of the Samsung Galaxy S4 specs we knew already: screen size, processor, storage space, etc. The Korean company though announced numerous software features they plan on coupling with their Samsung Galaxy S4.

+Samsung Galaxy S4 Photo Features

Samsung's flagship handset comes equipped with a 13 megapixel camera and doesn't skimp on software features. One feature gave users the ability to take photos of their family and also be in the photo, utilizing the phone's front facing camera. Another feature showed how the phone handles pedestrians walking in the back of one's pictures: the subjects stay still and the phone removes all moving things behind them.

They even announced features in regards to video chat: video callers have the ability to show others what the front-facing camera sees as well as the back simultaneously. Provided these features work as well as when they're demoed, all of these could greatly benefit users of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

- Smart Pause

Is this necessary? I can imagine a couple of actual use cases where this may come in handy (quickly checking a next stop on the bus, insurmountable laziness) but is this really a good reason to charge users extra battery life? I guess having it as an option isn't too bad, should you want to show it off.

+ Samsung Knox Security

Samsung touted the security features of their phone on stage at their event on Thursday as well. They explained how the phone keeps your personal life and work life separate. The work side would be encrypted with what Samsung is calling Knox security, featuring enterprise level protection. Not only is this good from a privacy standpoint, but may go into keeping your work life separate from your home life. No more answering emails at soccer games.

- AirView, AirGesture

We heard about this technology prior to the announcement and I wasn't a fan back then. With AirView and AirGesture, users are able to control the phone, not by touch, but by hovering their finger over the screen. Using AirGesture works a tad better than AirView; switching photos via a mid-air wipe gesture. With AirView users can navigate email lists or Flipboard--except for the fact that more often than not your finger has to be so close to the screen you accidentally touch it anyway. In my opinion, at that point just go the whole way and touch the screen, though maybe it could prove useful. It definitely would be more useful if it worked from farther away or was included on a device you weren't holding with your hands anyway (a television, for example).

+ S Voice During Navigation

With S Voice in Samsung's Galaxy S4 phone, users are able to use voice commands during their commute to carry out actions such as responding to texts by saying "Reply to Kanye" or make calls by saying "Call Obama." Definitely a useful feature for hands-free driving.

+ Group play

Provided it works, the Group Play feature seems pretty cool. Should you and all your friends have a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone, the phones can link up and play the same song in sync. Not only will they both play the song but five phones can combine to provide a surround sound experience.


To say Samsung announced several features alongside the Galaxy S4 would be an understatement. Other stray features include the S Translate features, the health band and health apps aspects and business card reader scanning functionality. The question is not whether the S4 has a myriad of features, but whether those features work well. The answer to that will come in Q2 of this year.

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