Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 release date is expected in fall 2013 (around the same time Apple launches the next iPhone), and a recent report confirms rumors that Samsung will launch their 6.3-inch phablet at IFA this September. Read on for more Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date news, specs, features and rumors.

The Galaxy Note 3 release date report comes from tech news-site SamMobile, which has a proven history of predicting when Samsung will launch their devices, according to BGR. Confirming earlier rumors, SamMobile reports that the the upcoming 3rd-gen phablet will be unveiled at Berlin-based tech expo IFA 2013 in early September. The article also claims that the South Korean tech giant will reveal their latest tablet, the Galaxy Tab 3, at the same event.

The latest Galaxy Note 3 release date leak comes from SamMobile's Samsung "insider," who also confirmed the Galaxy Tab 3 launch for "the second half of 2013."

"Our insider even reported that Samsung may announce the Galaxy Tab 3 in IFA Berlin together with the Galaxy Note III," reveals SamMobile's staff. "He couldn't tell anything about the specifications yet but he even reported that Samsung will stop to update the first generation of the Galaxy Tab."

Will the Galaxy Note 3 release date be the first time a Samsung smartphone features Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie OS out-of-the-box? There's a pretty good chance that the answe is yes! Google is likely to upgrade their popular mobile operating system around the same time Apple unveils their latest version of iOS for iPhone and iPad, and SamMobile's inside source even hints that "Samsung's high range Android device's will receive Android 5.0."

That's all the Galaxy Note 3 release date news for now, but read on to learn about all the specs, features and rumors about Samsung's upcoming phablet.

Following reports that the Galaxy Note 3 release date will arrive in in Samsung's late Q2 or early Q3, meaning late July or early September. Based on this information, Android Geeks put forward a strong argument for an IFA launch:

"Since the latest reports are showing that Apple will set the iPhone 5S release date for June, we might even see the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in flesh at IFA Berlin 2013 held between September 6 to 11. Or maybe Samsung will unveil its next-gen tablet in a separate event (just like it did with the Galaxy S3) a week before IFA Berlin, so all the media will be focusing on their new release."

Galaxy Note 3 Screen Size:

The Galaxy Note 3 release and unveiling are still months away, but recent news concerning another device from Samsung may have accidentally leaked the screen size of the phablet. The device in question? Samsung's new gaming console and accessory, currently being referred to online as the "game pad."

So here's here how Samsung leaked their new phablet's screen size months ahead of the Galaxy Note 3 release date: At the Galaxy S4 launch event last week Samsung showed off their new game pad, which will let users play a number of video games including "Tetris," "Sonic" and "Need For Speed."

The device will work with Samsung smartphones ranging in size from 4-inches to 6.3-inches. But wait a second, the South Korean company isn't selling any 6.3-inch devices... yet. Cue the Galaxy Note 3 release date, which will bring users the company's biggest phablet ever at at massive 6.3-inches. Samsung has yet to confirm these rumors, but it seems pretty clear that they just revealed their new device's screen size, most likely by accident.

With the Galaxy Note 3 release date approaching, The Korea Times has been publishing a high volume of articles concerning the new phablet's screen size sourcing Samsung insiders. These reports have consistently pegged the display for either 5.9 or 6.3 inches. It looks like now we may finally have our answer.

Here's some more analysis on the latest screen size rumors concerning the Galaxy Note 3 release date from Engagdet:

We noticed that Samsung's planned Game Pad accessory has an expanding clamp designed to accommodate screen sizes larger than the 5-inch Galaxy S 4 being used as its showcase, but it wasn't clear just how far it would go. Now that there's an official accessory page on the GS4's microsite, Samsung is unusually specific about the limit: 6.3 inches. That's an odd choice of display dimension, as it's bigger than the 5.5-inch Galaxy Note II and smaller than the 7-inch Galaxy Tab line. Samsung could just be hedging its bets, so we wouldn't make too many presumptions. It's often wise to give yourself a little headroom. However, a 6.3-inch screen would dovetail with unconfirmed Korea Times rumors that the next-generation Galaxy Note phone would use a similar size and give the 6.1-inch Ascend Mate a run for its money. We won't be convinced until we can see such a device for ourselves -- for all we know, it could be an extra-tiny version of a future Galaxy Tab.

Wireless Charging For The Galaxy Note 3?

So once the Galaxy Note 3 release date arrives what new specs and features can we expect from Samsung's most powerful smartphone? Well, the latest rumor is that the third generation phablet will feature wireless charging.

A number of leaks have already surfaced revealing that Samsung engineers are hard at work developing a wireless charger in time for the Galaxy Note 3 release date. The latest source for this rumor is a video of the new technology filmed at FCC.

Exynos 5 Octa Processor For The Galaxy Note 3?

With the Galaxy Note 3 release date approaching it may prove to be US smartphone users' best chance to own a device that sports the impressive 8-core Exynos 5 Octa Processor. While the international version of Samsung's recently-unveiled S4 features the beefed up processor the US version comes with a measly quad-core Qualcomm chip.

We're still holding out hope that when the Galaxy Note 3 release date arrives it's massive size will demand the Exynos 5 Octa processor in the US. Then again, considering Samsung's decision to distinguish between American and non-American versions of their the S4 in this way we won't be surprised if the US gets the same bum deal with the South Korean company's upcoming phablet.

Back in January at CES 2013, Samsung teased the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 release dates with a presentation focusing on their beefed up processor. Watch it here:

Well, that's all the Galaxy Note 3 release date news we've got for you today. For now, enjoy our running list of specs and features for the redesigned Samsung phablet:

-6.3-inch screen size

-LCD display for better S Pen experience

-Rumored unbreakable, flexible screen

-8-core Exynos 5 Octa processor chip

- Stylus And Finger Hovering

-Bigger, improved S Pen

-Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, or possibly Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie OS

-16-Megapixel rear camera with auto focus, LED flash and BSI

-3 Megapixel front camera with 'Best Photo,' 'Best Faces,' low light show and BSI

-32,64 and 128 GB internal memory options

-3 GB of RAM

-Dimensions: 84.9 x 161.9 x 8.9 mm

-Weight: 220 grams

-4,000 mAh Li-on battery

-16, 32 or 64 Gb models expandable via microSD cards

-Rumored promotional 125 GB model

-Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date rumored for September 2013 at IFA expo in Berlin.