Samsung Galaxy Note 3 rumors are already spreading online as the first news on the phablet's specs, features and 2013 release date leak. Today we learned that the new device could feature a flexible, unbreakable screen.

Spec rumors that Samsung has been developing unbreakable and flexible "revolutionary" display technology have already popped up regarding the upcoming Galaxy S4, but now The Inquisitor is claiming that the same groundbreaking technology will be built into the Galaxy Note 3.

Here's a Samsung representative explaining the implications of Samsung's new display technology via PC Advisor:

Foldable, rollable, wearable and more, [and] will allow for a high degree of durability through their use of a plastic substrate that is thinner, lighter and more flexible than... conventional LCD technology.

Apparently the flexible, unbreakable screens we expect to see on the Galaxy Note 3 and S4 will not only be totally awesome, but also cheaper for Samsung to produce. However, it's unclear if the South Korean tech giant will pass these savings on to it's consumers. The Inquisitor notes:

The rumor also has the flexible displays providing for a tidy manufacturing savings for all display manufacturers. It is probably doubtful that Samsung and its competitors will lower the prices to compensate, so this means their smartphones, phablets and tablets will be have a higher profit margin.

Check out this video of Samsung previewing their revolutionary new screens, which is also apparently transparent and will likely have applications beyond the company's line of Android smartphone:

Read on to catch up on everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 so far.

When Samsung debuted the original Galaxy Note back in 2010 critics mocked the 5.3-inch smartphone, coining the term "phablet" to describe the oversized device. But the Note proved to be a cult hit, selling 20 million units.

Earlier this year, Samsung doubled down on the phablet design, releasing the Galaxy Note 2, which featured a 5.5-inch display, and have already sold 5 million units.

With the Galaxy Note 3, Samsung will push the limits of smartphone yet again and release a 6.3-inch phablet, according to a report out of Korea.

Korea Times claims to have spoken with an anonymous Samsung official who confirmed that the Galaxy Note 3 is being developed and will feature a massive 6.3-inch screen.

"The real problem is that major television markets like the United States remain sluggish," the insider told Korea Times. "This is much worse than display-making manufacturers expected. In contrast, the demand for tablets is increasing and that market will see further explosive demand growth next year.... We can't resist but to actively respond to the new market trend."

Korea Times cites "officials from a local parts supplier" as their source o the 6.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 3 rumor that quickly spread across the internet.

Tech blog BGR responded to the report with cynicism, noting that a 6.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 3 would require a massive battery and jabbing that "the human hand can only hold so much." However, they didn't discount the rumor completely, noting that it was unlikely unless "Samsung can dish out an edgeless design that will keep the phone's overall dimensions about the same as its predecessor."

CNET also chimed in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 rumors, noting that such a revolutionary design isn't so surprising considering the South Korean company's status as a phablet 'pioneer.'

Here's our running list rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 3 specs, features and other rumors (courtesy of Android Headlines, which somehow predicted the 6.3-inch display back in September):

-6.3-inch unbreakable, flexible screen

-Android 5 Key Lime Pie OS

-16-Megapixel rear camera with auto focus, LED flash and BSI

-3 Megapixel front camera with 'Best Photo,' 'Best Faces,' low light show and BSI

-32,64 and 128 GB internal memory options

-3 GB of RAM

-Dimensions: 84.9 x 161.9 x 8.9 mm

-Weight: 220 grams

-4,000 mAh Li-on battery

-2013 release date

Samsung has yet to respond to reports on the Galaxy Note 3 or confirm that the new smartphone is indeed in development.

Check back soon for more Samsung Galaxy Note 3 specs, features and release date updates. We'll continue to cover this story as it develops

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