Calm down, morning talk radio fans ... Rush Limbaugh isn't dead.

Millions were shocked when they logged onto Twitter Thursday morning, to find #RIPRushLimbaugh sitting atop the U.S.trending topics list, sending countless social media users into a frenzy as they searched for any firm confirmation/denial of the rumors. Fortunately, while first sight of the initial trend was likely shocking for many Rush Limbaugh fans, it shouldn't have taken them long to confirm that the man affectionately known as "El Rushbo" is still alive and kicking.

Even as rumors of Rush Limbaugh's death were weaving their way through social media streams around the globe, Limbaugh himself was in the middle of his latest "Rush Limbaugh Show" broadcast, which we imagine would have been pretty difficult task for someone to accomplish post-mortem, particularly someone rumored to have died in the absolutely horrifying/disgusting manner (NSFW) as what was suggested to get the #RIPRushLimbaugh train rolling.

Limbaugh is currently the most popular talk-radio show host in the country, a title he's held for quite some time now, and earns an average of $50 million a year for his daily broadcasts from Excellence in Broadcasting studios. "The Rush Limbaugh Show" has been reported to draw 15-30 million listeners a day, which also means a fair share of those who saw the #RIPRushLimbaugh hashtag on Thursday likely already knew that it was a hoax. Not everyone was amused though.

Of course, while the #RIPRushLimbaugh trend may have been a hoax, it didn't take long for many of the widely loved/hated talk radio host's fans to come to his defense.

It seems not everyone would have been upset if the Rush Limbaugh death hoax had been real though.

Do you think the Rush Limbaugh death hoax was crossing a line?

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