Rob Ford openly and casually admitted to smoking "a lot" of marijuana in a press conference. Suprisingly he is only the third Canadian politician to admit to using weed. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been involved in a crack cocaine controversy over the past several months after videos and pictures of him using the substance, along with images of him with known drug dealers surfaced. Buzzfeed attempted to buy the crack cocaine video but despite raising the demanded amount were unsucessful in following through with the deal because of their sources disapperance.

Now Rob Ford having survived the crack cocaine scandal feels comfortable with admitting his pot usage:

The Toronto mayor, who has been accused of having a substance abuse problem, casually announced he has used the drug as he left a luncheon event today. He is the third Canadian politician in a week to admit to marijuana consumption.

"Oh yeah, I won't deny that. I've smoked a lot of it," he laughed.

Reporters put the question to Ford because earlier in the day Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne said she smoked marijuana 35 years ago, before she got into politics.

Wynne addressed marijuana use because her federal counterpart, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, told a reporter a week ago that he had smoked marijuana while serving as a member of Parliament.

It seems at this point that no matter what Rob Ford says, there is nothing that can kick him out of office.

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