A woman named Ri Sol Ju has been identified by North Korean media as the wife of the country's dictator Kim Jong Un, according to Steve Herman, Voice of America's bureau chief covering the Korean peninsula and Japan.

Herman first tweeted that North Korean television announced Kim Jong Un was married. He then tweeted that the wife's name was Ri Sol Ju.

He also said North Korean radio stated that Kim attended the completion of ceremony of the Nungna People's Amusement Park today with his wife "Comrade Ri Sol Ju."

He noted that Ri Sol Ju has appeared alongside Kim, the supreme leader of North Korea, in recent weeks, but no mention was made of her identity until now.

Ri is a singer. Herman dug up what is likely a video (below) of her performing.

However, both Herman and Evan Ramstad, a Wall Street Journal reporter based in Seoul, South Korea stated that they're not 100 percent sure if Ri is indeed the singer in the video above.

"I'm going with Ri Sol Ju too, but I'm not 100% sure she's the singer in the video. Maybe it's the hair or hanbok that's throwing me," tweeted Ramstad. Angus Walker, ITV News' China correspondent, said Ri was a top student handpicked for Kim by his uncle, citing South Korean media.

Earlier this month, Kim was rumored to be romantically linked to another North Korean singer named Hyon Song Wol.

UPDATE: Herman just tweeted that Ri was first shown on North Korean television on July 5th at a concert, seated to the right of Kim.

UPDATE2: Herman tweeted this photo of Ri

UPDATE3: North Korean state media has released its first photo of Ri (seen at top of the page), according to BBC.

UPDATE4: Herman tweets another photo of Ri

UPDATE5: "Cheong Seong-chang, a #DPRK expert in Seoul, says that N. Korean first ladies have been essentially invisible -- 'til now! -- since 1974," tweets Chico Harlan, a Washington Post East Asia correspondant.

UPDATE6: "By showing up with his wife in public, Mr. Kim distinguished himself from his father. During Kim Jong-il's rule, most ordinary North Koreans had never seen their first lady on television. Defectors from the North said that most North Koreans did not know who their first lady was when Mr. Kim was in power," writes Choe Sang-hun for the New York Times.