If you have always wanted your own stylist, technology may have the solution for you. Scientists have made a mathematical model that has the ability to give people fashion tips. How does it do it? By analyzing the trends of the season and utilizing an algorithm to assess how fashionably your outfit is.

The technology behind this was created by researchers from Spain's Institute of Robotics and Industrial Informatics and the University of Toronto, who used data from fashion website chictopia.com. By gathering information from 144,00 user posts, the team was able to gather data on how many people "liked" an ensemble and the description of the outfits.

The Daily Mail reports that the researchers used a conditional random field to turn the data into a functional algorithm that takes into account environmental factors like location and weather. The end result is a system that can give advice and provide a verdict on how fashionable you look.

"This is an important first step to be able to build more complex and powerful models that will be able to understand fashions trends," the researchers write in their paper, which was presented at the 2015 Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. "We have made both the dataset and code public in hopes that this will inspire other researchers to tackle this challenging task."

While nothing compares to the creativity of a stylist, the robot algorithm can offer a viable solution to those who cannot afford to hire a stylist. If rolled out broadly, the technology could help those who want basic sartorial assistance.