Earlier this morning, Mitt Romney announced his vice-presidential candidate would be Paul Ryan in front of the U.S.S. Wisconsin. Ryan walked out from the U.S.S. Wisconsin and took the stage in front of America making such statements as "Obama has become part of the problem and Mitt Romney is the solution," but what Twitter was focused on during his speech was Paul Ryan's apparent Alfalfa hair.

Twitter was full of comments regarding Paul Ryan's hair as many people couldn't help but focus more on his hair rather than what he was saying.

Mitt Romney Paul Ryan Hair "See this guy right here? His hair is a mess." (Reuters)

@journodave A little bit of hair on the back of Paul Ryan's head is sticking out. It's annoying me.

@shashank_NYC Paul Ryan needs a hair stylist..c'mon man; being introduced as the VP nominee for the GOP party and you have unruly hair?! tsk tsk

@JNez you all made me turn on the tv this morning to see this Paul Ryanguy's 'bed hair' lol. seriously shouldn't an SS guy pat it down for him

@AlexanderWJones You would think with the amount of gel in Paul Ryan's hair he could fix the part sticking out in the back #CantFixHairCantFixaCountry

@gobukan Good speech, Paul Ryan. But...that hair! Srsly? Damn, girl!#paulryan

@Bacardiwins Hey Paul Ryan, put on a tie and run a comb through your hair next time you tell me you wanna be vice president.

@VinceKlain LOL at Paul Ryan for having some hair sticking up on the back of his head

@bxe1234 Paul Ryan's helmet of hair gel does not cover his cowlick. This tweet is not about politics, but about hair. Funny, funny hair.

@streicher187 LOL - Paul ryan hair sticking up in back reminds me of There's Something about Marry - guess he got excited about being picked

@rpaganjr Paul Ryan just reminded me that I need to call my stylist. I don't like my hair to look like a mess. #uppers

What did you think about Paul Ryan's hair this morning? Did you also find it hard to focus on what he was saying due to this Alfalfa hair? Let us know in the comments.