Real-life anime girl Anastasiya Shpagina is getting a lot of buzz right now thanks to an article on BuzzFeed. Of course, a lot of the reaction she's getting is in the "wow that's so creepy" range. However, I completely disagree with the notion that she is in some way mentally ill, or deranged or misguided. Because, unlike a lot of her critics, I am familiar with a little thing called cosplay. Cosplay (short for costume play), for the uninitiated, is the act of dressing in an elaborate costume designed to emulate a character or style that you love that is outlandish and not in the "norm." Anime, manga, etc., are favored styles and it's a big, big deal at ComiCons worldwide. In the case of Shpagina, she takes the whole concept to an epic, boss-level status. And she's not in it for marketing or money and openly shares her real-life anime girl secrets with the world (provided you live in a world where you're fluent in Ukranian). Just take a look:

This is her giving out her make-up tips. Yeah, a lot of people think the look is creepy but they're just not into cosplay. If you have any respect for cosplay AT ALL then you recognize how amazing this transformation is. She really showcases the dedication and patience it takes to be a true cosplay boss.

This is just some casual hanging-around-the-apartment type stuff. Seeing her in still photos isn't as impressive as seeing her live. When you look at the still photos below, it's easy to believe that you're seeing a Photoshop or a mannequin or something. It's kind of impressive to realize that it's an actual person doing this with her own time and money.

Fortunately for her, this young lady has a lot of fans and alot of support. Sure, a lot of people consider her some kind of freak show but, in my opinion, that's just unfair. This is the 21st century, and we need more people like this in the world if we want it to stay interesting. She's pushing the envelop, and in an age of digital effects and multi-million dollar CGI movies I can't help but admire how a teenaged girl from the Ukraine is able to shock and astound people with make-up, dedication and passion.