It shouldn't be a surprise I feel PSY's "Gangnam Style" has run its course as everyone and anyone will blast the song to get a cheap laugh and attempt their worst rendition of PSY's iconic dance moves. It's time for a new Internet sensation to hit and I believe I may have found just the right video of a girl singing on a karaoke machine.

A video popped up on YouTube that was uploaded by "therealsingapore" showing a girl taking it to the local market stage as she takes grabs a microphone from a small karaoke machine and decides to sing one of the most dangerous songs in karaoke history, Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You." Her performance is absolutely flawless and will have your body full of goosebumps once it's all over.

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The girl in the video may be just a random passerby to the people in the market, but the girl is actually Zendee Rose Tenerefe from the Phillipines, and she is known on the Internet for having an incredible voice.

Zendee decided to make a trip down to the SM Megaall of Asia in Pasay City, Metro Manila in the Phillipines, where she is known to perform on a somewhat regular basis. Her friend, Yuan Juan, captured her performance of "I Will Always Love You," and uploaded it to YouTube. Zendee has become an instant Internet sensation with invites being extended to appear on Ellen and Oprah's shows. Until she starts making the daytime TV rounds, enjoy her soothing voice and unbelievable range in the video below.