Today is the last day for PlayStation 4 owners to take advantage of a really good sale on the PlayStation store. Transistor and Bastion, two truly incredible games from Supergiant Games, are now available for 75% off each, along with 66% off of a beautiful Transistor theme for your Playstation 4.

Bastion, normally $14.99, has been reduced in price to a mere trifle: $3.45. Bastion is the debut game from Supergiant Games. Released in 2011, the RPG’s polished, streamlined combat system and engaging story led it to overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam, even 15,000 reviews later. Professional outlets like Wired, IGN, and PC Gamer also gave Bastion high marks all around for its addictive gameplay, watercolor aesthetic, and beautiful music and narration.

As for Bastion’s story, the plot centers around a young boy living in the aftermath of the Calamity, an apolcalyptic disaster that has shattered his world. You play as “The Kid” on his journey to rebuild the “Bastion,” the place everyone is supposed to meet if something bad happens.

Transistor is only $5, where it will normally run you $19.99. The second game from Supergiant Games, Transistor also received overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam , where over 9000 users have chimed in with their thoughts. IGN, Polygon, and GamesRadar+ all gave Transistor similarly high scores to Bastion, noting its stylish, futuristic aesthetics, intriguing setting, stellar gameplay and haunting soundtrack.

The plot of the action RPG Transistor centers around the complex tale of its heroine Red, a singer who’s lost her voice, and her talking sword Transistor, who gently, warmly guides her through the city of Cloudbank, with a lush look that IGN’s review points out is equal parts Cowboy Bebop and Blade Runner.

Even the Transistor theme for the PlayStation 4 is merely $1.02, reduced from $2.99.

The sale for Bastion and Transistor, along with the Transistor theme, ends on July 28. With the sale ending so soon, that makes today the very last day to grab these top-rated games for the PlayStation 4. Grab them now at the PlayStation store today before the sale is over.