[UPDATE 10/30 10:20am EST] We're seeing numerous reports that GameStop is now selling a variety of PlayStation 4 games, in addition to the previously released DualShock 4 controller, and will continue to sell any/all first-party games that arrive prior to the PS4 release date. Head over to iGameResponsibly for more.

The countdown to the PS4 release date continues this week with new information on the now-scrapped Watch Dogs console bundles being offered by Sony earlier this year, plus 36 minutes of new PlayStation 4 gameplay footage, and new information from the man who's quickly becoming the public face of the PS4, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida.

Those who pre-ordered one of Sony's official Watch Dogs console bundles will be happy to know that UK retailers appear to have confirmed the company's replacement plans for said bundles. As many suspected, it appears Sony and Ubisoft plan to offer those who preordered a Watch Dogs PS4 bundle their choice of Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag or Killzone: Shadow Fall instead of Ubisoft's delayed open-world title. Alternately, customers who aren't interested in either replacement bundle will have the option of receiving a non-bundled PlayStation 4 (dubbed the PlayStation 4 Solus) on the PS4 release date.

Surprisingly, despite some concerns from the gaming public over the delay of Watch Dogs, yet another consumer survey has shown the PlayStation 4 to be more popular than the Xbox One among those most likely to purchase a next-generation console this holiday season. Published late last week, Complete's report suggest U.S. gamers are vastly more interested in the PlayStation 4, with 61 percent of those polled suggesting they are only considering the PlayStation, while only 27 percent said the same about the Xbox One. The numbers could obviously change between now and the PS4 release date, particularly if Sony's replacement options for the Watch Dogs bundle prove unpopular, but things certainly seem to be looking good for the PlayStation 4 as of right now.

Elsewhere, Evolution Studios decided to show off a few new clips of DriveClub, the recently delayed online driving game that was originally slated to be a PlayStation 4 launch title, and the studio used the PS4's new "Share" menu to publish the footage on the official DriveClub Facebook page. While there isn't anything particularly revolutionary or groundbreaking about the clips themselves, many will likely be excited to see evidence of the PlayStation 4's new social features in the real world.

All four of the DriveClub clips were extremely brief, with the longest only clocking-in at 11 seconds long, but should help keep fans excited for the recently delayed PlayStation 4 game. Dozens of excited comments can already be found alongside each of the DriveClub videos on the game's Facebook page, and the "Share" menu appears to offer developers/publishers an interesting new avenue for showing off pre-release content from their PS4 games.

Continuing down the social media rabbit hole, Shuhei Yoshida is still answering fans questions about the PlayStation 4 on Twitter, and even offered up a pair of noteworthy updates about the Remote Play functionality coming on the PS4 release date. Offering up new details on the PS Vita - PS4 registration process, Yoshida confirmed that Vita owners will be able to register their portable device to both their PS3 and PS4. Households with more than one Vita owner, or those with friends who regularly bring one over, will also be happy to hear that more than one PS Vita can be registered to a PlayStation 4.

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Are you one of the thousands of gamers who had your Watch Dogs bundle cancelled? Disappointed by the games that Sony is offering in place of Watch Dogs? Were you sold on one or more other games from the PS4 launch line-up after watching Sony's new Day One megatrailer?

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