Only one more major convention remains, before the next generation of game consoles debut this November, but I'm not sure there will be much other than software left for Sony to show at the Tokyo Game Show next month if the company continues divulging PS4 release date information at this rate.

Just before heading to Seattle to give PAX Prime attendees a chance to play the next PlayStation ahead of the PS4 release date this November, members of the PlayStation 4 team headed to Las Vegas for a presentation at the annual GameStop Expo. While you might have expected a relatively minor show like the GameStop Expo to get the same sort of boiler plate presentation that the company has delivered at other recent events around the globe. Instead, Sony quietly revealed that the next PlayStation will ship with voice command functionality of its own, including the feature as little more than a bullet point during the PlayStation presentation at GameStop Expo.

Like the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 will apparently be able to utilize microphones in the redesigned PlayStation camera to offer a variety of voice commands to those who pair the PlayStation Eye successor with Sony's next-gen console on/after the PS4 release date. Unlike the next Xbox, Sony won't be bundling the PlayStation camera with the PS4, instead offering the Eye for $59.99 for those interested in owning the peripheral. The news came just days before Sony also confirmed that both Divekick and Warframe would be available for download on the PS4 release date during the PlayStation Indie Arcade event at PAX Prime.

Unfortunately, though rumors of a European PS4 release date delay proved untrue, it looks like Sony's Gaikai game streaming service may actually take a bit longer than expected to launch in Europe, thanks to unexpected issues with broadband speeds in the region.

In fact, according to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe CEO Jim Ryan, the reason the Gaikai streaming service didn't make an appearance during Sony's PlayStation press conference at gamescom was because the company isn't sure exactly when the PlayStation back catalog will be available in Europe. Sony's relaunch of Gaikai is still expected to debut in North America and Japan sometime during early 2014.

[UPDATE] CVG is now reporting that Sony is expected to publicly unveil the latest iteration of the company's PS4 virtual reality headset at the 2013 Tokyo Game Show, one year after the device debuted during TGS 2012. Apparently the company was originally planning to show off the device at gamescom last month, but was forced to change their plans at the last minute. Head over to CVG for more on the story.

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Is there anything left that you'd like to see/hear Sony confirm ahead of the PS4 release date this November? Still think that the PlayStation Eye is a waste of money, even with the new voice command functionality Is there a PlayStation 4 game/franchise that you think would benefit from increased PlayStation Eye support?

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