The PS4 vs. Xbox One debate has raged since the moments gamers knew the PlayStation 4 and next Xbox were officially announced by their respective manufacturers, but a new report from one of the world's top news organizations suggests the PS4 release date may be much more important to video game fans than the launch of the Xbox One.

A new Reuters report revealed a double-digit percentage gap between those planning to purchase an Xbox One and gamers who plan to buy the PlayStation 4 when both consoles hit North American shores later this year. Roughly 1,300 people were contacted for the latest Reuters/Ipsos PS4 vs. Xbox One poll; with twenty-six percent saying they planned to buy the next PlayStation this November instead of Microsoft's new Xbox. It's the second such poll to find gamers are more excited about the PS4 release date than that of the Xbox One, following a smaller survey earlier this month which claimed 41 percent of people under 40 (who planned to buy a next-gen console) would purchase the PS4 instead of the Xbox One. Only 26 percent said they planned to purchase the next Xbox.

Previous reports have also suggested that the PlayStation 4 will be markedly more powerful than the Xbox One when the new consoles debut, despite Microsoft's recent decision to upgrade the processor of the next Xbox prior to its launch on November 22. While names weren't given, Edge Online cited several unidentified game developers in their report, suggesting those responsible for actually creating new games believed the PS4 release date would see Sony enter the next-generation with a leg up on the competition.

Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida also hopped on Twitter this weekend to reveal a few new details about how the PlayStation 4's Remote Play functionality will work, confirming that there will be very little set-up when using your PS4 to push content to your PS Vita or (fingers crossed) PS Vita TV. Far more excitingly, is the news that anyone who wants to hop into a game with you need only sit down at your PlayStation 4 and pick up a controller, and they'll be able to join you for cooperative gameplay on whatever title you were currently enjoying via PS Vita or Vita TV.

While the only game confirmed to have such functionality is Knack, one of 33 PS4 launch window games for the PlayStation 4, though it seems likely that the feature will pop up in other PlayStation 4 titles, should it prove popular in Knack and/or any other PS4 launch games which support Remote Play co-op.

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Do you agree with the results of the latest Reuters/Ipsos latest PS4 vs. Xbox One poll? Already decided which games and/or peripherals you'll be purchasing alongside the next PlayStation on the PS4 release date? Planning to wait a few months before buying either of the next-gen consoles slated for debut this November?

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