We're just weeks away from the PS4 release date, and the first PlayStation 4 accessories are starting to show up at retailers around the country, but that doesn't mean there aren't still a few things to be learned about Sony's next -gen console ahead of the PS4 release date.

German tech site ComputerBild.de got its hands on a PlayStation 4 a few weeks early, and confirmed some rather exciting information about Sony's next PlayStation ahead of the PS4 release date. Just like its predecessor, the PlayStation 3, it seems the PlayStation 4 will support non-stock hard drives, giving owners the opportunity to upgrade their console's storage capacity if they find their internal hard drive doesn't mean their storage needs.

Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida offered up a few more details about the PlayStation 4's launch day functionality as well, taking to Twitter early Saturday morning to answer a few lucky fans' PS4 release date questions. Yoshida confirmed that the PlayStation Eye won't be necessary for anyone hoping to take advantage of the PlayStation 4's new voice command support, saying the bundled headset will act as a suitable alternative, and that many games will automatically cache massive quantities of data on your PlayStation 4.

In less pleasant news, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will be getting a sizeable Day One patch, 300 megabytes to be exact, to enable a variety of features that otherwise wouldn't be available on the PS4 release date. In what we can only assume to be Sony's desire to get out ahead of the inevitable chorus of Twitter anger on the PS4 release date, the company has published loads of information on the features being pushed to new PlayStation 4 hardware in PS4 System Update 1.50.

Presumably in an effort to prevent any would-be-leakers from releasing information on some of the PlayStation 4's new social features, Sony has decided to deliver many of the game's non-essential features via the Day One patch. Those looking forward to taking advantage of the PlayStation 4's new remote play and second screen features will have to wait until they've finished downloading PS4 System Update 1.50, as will anyone planning to take part in online multiplayer or watch a DVD/Blu-ray on their new PS4.

[UPDATE] On the plus side, Sony Worldwide Studios CEO Shuhei Yoshida hopped back on Twitter later in the weekend to confirm that, while you'll need to download the Day One patch to access many of the PlayStation 4's new features, you will be able to play a singleplayer game while PS4 System Update 1.50 downloads in the background.

There's also some chance that the PlayStation 4 might not have Bluetooth support prior to 2014, a fairly noteworthy issue considering Sony's recent focus on the social aspects of gaming. The company says the hardware team is still working as hard as it can to deliver the necessary software update by year's end, but a Sony representative told One Hit Pixel not to be surprised if the PS4 Bluetooth patch gets pushed to next year. Thankfully, a wired headset will be included with PlayStation 4 on the PS4 release date, so those who prefer wireless headsets will at least have a viable alternative.

Despite some of the recent bad news, largely the result of launch delays for Watch Dogs, Driveclub and The Crew, analysts still expect both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to perform quite well at the cash register this holiday season. Robert W. Baird & Co. analyst Colin Sebastian is the latest analyst to release his prediction for the two consoles' holidays sales, and it seems he expects each machine to move two and half to three million units by year's end. Sebastian clearly doesn't see demand for the new consoles dropping any time soon either, as the analyst went on to suggest that Sony could sell as many as five million consoles between the PS4 release date and the end of March 2014,

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Are you planning to buy a PlayStation 4 at midnight on the PS4 release date? Disappointed that you'll have to wait for the Day One patch to finish downloading before being able to access many of the PlayStation 4's most anticipated features? Just going to let PS4 System Update 1.50 download while you're sleeping?

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