A new day brings a new round of PlayStation 4 rumors, and it would appear today isn't any different with word that the PS4 release date could mark the beginning of the end for Sony's iconic Dualshock controllers.

UK gaming site CVG claims that a senior-level source inside an unidentified game studio told the site that Sony is looking past the DualShock controller with the upcoming release of the PlayStation 4. Instead, the company is apparently investigating new technologies like biometric sensors and LCD touch screens in a variety of PS4 controller prototypes that have been shown to select game developers.

The report suggests that a court-ordered licensing deal for the rumble technology found in Sony's DualShock controllers could be behind the decision to change input devices with the introduction of the PlayStation 4. Reports suggest that Sony has already paid patent-holder Immersion more than $150 million in damages for use of the rumble technology, and could have been looking at even higher costs to incorporate the tech in their next-generation controller.

While some will likely be turned off by the news that the PS4 release date could bring a non-DualShock controller into the PlayStation ranks, the news is unlikely to leave as bad a taste in gamers' mouths as word that Sony patented technology which could prevent the playing of used games. The fact that CVG also says both the PS Vita and PlayStation 3 DualShock are expected to be optional input devices for the PlayStation 4 should help ease some of the pain ahead of the PS4 release date.

It also looks like Valve might not be the first company to introduce biometric sensor-equipped controllers either, because CVG's source claims that several of the PlayStation 4 controller prototypes have featured such sensors in their grips. The report suggests that Sony's PS4 dev team is looking to create a user experience similar to that found on the company's portable PS Vita hardware.

The company has yet to acknowledge the numerous PlayStation 4-related rumors piling up online; however, many expect Sony executives to open up about the PS4 in the near future. In fact, last weekend, Sony Home Entertainment vice president Hiroshi Sakamoto told Emol.com that the company would probably unveil the PlayStation 4 at E3 2013, if not sooner.

Are you still looking forward to the PS4 release date, even if it some next generation titles could force adoption of a new controller?

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