Ok Project Spark fans, we've all been waiting patiently for the Project Spark Xbox One beta to happen and the most recent live stream from Team Dakota finally gave us our answer. The long awaited Xbox One beta for Project Spark will go live on February ... 32? That's the word coming from Team Dakota and it means either A.) The Earth has slipped further from the sun necessitating the addition of four days in February or B.) It sounds a little more hopeful than saying "early March."

We're gonna go with early March. So hold fast Project Spark fans, the Xbox One beta will be here within a few weeks and soon we can all experience the delicious UGC magic. And, according to the stream, we'll get to experience all of the gloriousness in 1080p on Xbox One. This is obviously fantastic news, especially since we got a good look at the Arctic Glaciers biome in the stream and it's going to add even more range to the design palette. Plenty of frosty environments are possible with the Arctic Glaciers biome, and Team Dakota was quick to point out that many of the new props can be reskinned to give them a haunted forest kind of feel. As usual with Project Spark new Arctic Glacier biome content is only the tip of the iceberg (PUN!).

Among the UGC featured in the stream was a neat little modular dungeon program created by Arisilde. Like most things Project Spark, the modular dungeon demo was still very basic but it gave us a glimpse of the potential for designing labyrinthine interiors that will compliment the complex outdoor environments already made possible by Project Spark. Expect plenty of "hug the right wall" action when players start to get their hands dirty.

The latest Project Spark stream didn't shed any more light on Elderfall, the epic RPG currently in development for Project Spark but the team promised to give it some air time next week. But if you take a look at the modular dungeon demo and the ambition of Elderfall you get a pretty sweet picture of what Project spark means for RPG fans. Which is fantastic, especially considering there are only a handful of RPGs set to release on Xbox One this year, and none of them soon. The first official RPG-style game will be Elder Scrolls Online this summer, which gives Elderfall creator Ginger Hermit ample time to put together an impressive experience.

Here's the full live stream for your viewing pleasure. If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest project Spark news make sure to follow the official Twitter feed.

Project Spark Live Stream 2/13/14