UPDATE: A list of all the changes coming to the Project Spark Open Beta has been provided by the fine folks at Team Dakota. See the bottom of this article for the full list.

Project Spark is without a doubt the most underrated exclusive for Xbox One. It very nearly has literally everything. A user friendly creation toolkit allows players to design basically any game they can imagine, and a community-first sharing system makes it painless to browse through the most popular, featured, or highest rated UGC (user generated content). I have written pretty extensively about my enthusiasm for this title. Despite all my previous coverage I could still drone on and on and on about how much I'm enjoying the Project Spark beta. But today's news isn't about telling you how great Project Spark is. It's about telling you that you can finally experience it for yourself.

If you're one of the unlucky few who didn't get a beta key for Project Spark, don't worry. Team Dakota announced on their live stream today (along with Larry "Major Nelson" hryb) that the Project Spark open beta will begin on ... RIGHT NOW

"No keys are necessary, the doors are wide open," said Major Nelson. "GO DOWNLOAD IT!"

I concur with Major Nelson. Go download it. The creation tools are totally free, as are all the community creations. That is literally hours upon hours of free gaming for you to do, right now, today. Spark Power is being replaced with Spark Premium. It's coming soon in 3 month, 6 month and 12 month packages. If you buy 3 months of Spark Premium, you'll get 2 additional permanent upload slots. 6 months, you get 5 additional upload slots. 12 months and you get 12 additional upload slots. No pricing has been set yet but the good news is that it's replacing Spark Time.

If you haven't played the beta yet, then you don't know that Spark Time was required to play user content that used items from a paid DLC. If you didn't own the DLC that the designer used then you had to pay a small fee ($1 for 24 hours) to play their game. No more. Project Spark has done away with spark Time so now ALL the content is available for FREE. It's b-a-n-a-n-a-s.

If you bought Spark Time, don't worry.

"Anyone who acquired 30 days of Spark Power within the last 30 days, will continue to get the 200% bonus for XP and credit, but we will be granting them 24,000 credits," said community manager Mike Lescault.

For casual gamers Project Spark should be a no-brainer. let's face facts, there isn't a ton of content on xbox One right now. Titanfall's great, sure, but if you're looking for fantasy/RPG adventures you're out of luck. Project spark is teeming with different RPG style games. I've talked in the past about Elderfall, a great project with big ambitions. But there are dozens like it just waiting to be played. For free. Right now.

What're you waiting for?

For all the latest on Project Spark make sure you follow them on Twitter and, for live streams, check out their Twitch page too.

Here's the official list of changes coming to the Project Spark Open Beta:

Team Dakota is making some changes to Project Spark based on beta tester feedback.

- We are removing Spark Time.

- Players will be able to play anything created in Project Spark, without any time limitation or DLC ownership requirement.

- Spark Power is being renamed to Spark Premium, and the cost will be reduced.

- Spark Premium bonus will remain at 200% of credits earned and 200% of XP earned.

- We changing the number of upload slots to accommodate both casual and highly engaged creators.

- Users who download and play Project Spark as of today (3/18/2014) will have a default three (3) upload slots after creating their free Project Spark account

- All accounts activated via beta key during our closed beta program (played the game prior to 12:01am Pacific on 3/18) will continue to have 5 free slots.

- Additional Upload Slots can be unlocked by purchasing Spark Premium

- Two (2) permanent additional upload slots with purchase of 3 months of Spark Premium.

- Five (5) permanent additional upload slots with purchase of 6 months of Spark Premium.

- Twelve (12) permanent additional upload slots with purchase of 12 months of Spark Premium.

- Anyone who acquired a month of Spark Power within the last 30 days:

- Receive 24,000 credits. (the previous cost of a month of Spark Power)

- Continue to receive the XP and Credit bonus