how to stream torrents to apple tv popcorn time app bittorrent airplay torrentv

Jul 30, 2014 04:45 pm

Popcorn Time Can Now Stream Movies To Apple TV; Updated App Brings Airplay Support For Windows, Mac And Linux

Popcorn Time now streams to Apple TV . Find out how to beam movies from BitTorrent to your Apple TV using the updated app on Windows, Mac or Linux Read more

tor service attacked hacked compromised deanonymized anonymity security researcher carnigie mellon

Jul 30, 2014 02:50 pm

Tor Attack May Have Revealed Anonymous Users' Identities; Who Is Behind The Attacks And Is The Service Safe?

Tor administrators confirmed Wednesday that the anonymity service had undergone attack over a five month period, while urging users to upgrade. What were the affects of the denanonymyzing attacks and who was behind them? Read more

One Piece

Jul 29, 2014 03:18 pm

Free Manga And Anime Online No More? Anti-Piracy Operation To Take Down Illegal Sites

The Japanese government will implement an operation that will try and take down over 500 anime and manga piracy sites. Get all the details here! Read more

stubhub accoutns hacked how to protect your passwords and accounts online

Jul 24, 2014 03:59 pm

StubHub Accounts Hacked Due To Poor Password Management? How To Protect Yourself From Becoming A Cyber Crime Victim [VIDEO]

With over 1,000 StubHub user's ticket accounts compromised, internet user's are reminded, once again that password management is essential. Find out the best way to secure and manage your passwords and accounts on the web. Read more

man guy husband send wife spreadsheet sex refusals excuse  posts on reddit viral

Jul 21, 2014 03:19 pm

Guy Sends Wife Spreadsheet Of Sex Refusal Excuses, Prompting Viral Reddit Post [VIDEO]

This guy's plan to get more sex from his wife through spreadsheet data may be innovative but backfired significantly when she posted the now viral media on Reddit. Read more

around, verizon, fios, throttling, netflix, use, vpn

Jul 18, 2014 05:08 pm

How To Get Around Verizon FiOS Throttling Netflix: Use A VPN Because ISP Is Causing Netflix Congestion, Lying About It [REPORT]

Verizon is throttling Netflix and lying about it. Find out how to get around the congestion. Read more

rickroll google chromecast hack rickmote dan petro hope x

Jul 17, 2014 09:36 am

New Google Chromecast Hack Takes Rickrolling To A Whole 'Nother Level: Check Out Dan Petro's Fabulous 'RickMote.' [VIDEO]

A new Google Chromecast hack lets users rickroll their friends. Check out Dan Petro's "Rickmote" debuting at HOPE X this Friday. Read more

George Hotz Aka 'Geohot' Joins Google Project Zero: Former Apple And PS3 Hacker Now Working To Make The Internet More Secure

Jul 17, 2014 08:19 am

George Hotz Aka 'Geohot' Joins Google Project Zero: Former Apple And PS3 Hacker Now Working To Make The Internet More Secure

Google's Project Zero has just recruited the notorious iPhone and PS3 hacker George Hotz aka Geohot for internet security research. Read more

iphone location services nation security concern china central tv state secrets breach leak snowden

Jul 11, 2014 12:46 pm

iPhone Named 'National Security Concern' By China Central TV: State-Run Media Alleges Location Services Pose Threat To State Secrets

Apple's iPhone was named a "national security concern" Friday by China's state-run TV station CCTV. The report alleges that Apple's mobile location services could put a country in jeopardy by revealing "state secrets" to those who gain access to the data. Read more

ios 7 - 7.1.2 jailbreak tweaks best new cydia app releases pangu evasi0n iphone ipad ipod compatible

Jul 10, 2014 01:15 pm

iOS 7.1 Cydia Jailbreak Tweaks & Apps: New Releases Include Acute, StausbarWeather7 And More [VIDEO]

The Cydia jailbreak store saw 20 new ios 7 - 7.1.2 compatible jailbreak tweaks release this week for iPhones, iPads and iPods. Check them all out here including top releases like Acute and StatusbarWeather7. Read more

microsoft adds enhanced encryption outlook onedirve cloud services yahoo google gmail apple icloud

Jul 02, 2014 12:51 pm

Microsoft Adds Enhanced Encryption To Outlook Email And Other Cloud Services, Increasing Privacy And Security [VIDEO]

Microsoft announced it will add enhanced encryption to Cloud services such as and OneDrive. Microsoft makes one more large corporation to recognize the need for preserving customer privacy and security. The announcement falls in line with others made by Google, Yahoo and Apple Read more

iOS 7.1 Jailbreak Tweaks 2014: 20 Best New Cydia Apps compatible pangu 7.1.2 shou

Jul 01, 2014 11:56 am

iOS 7.1.1 Jailbreak Tweaks: New Cydia Apps Compatible With Pangu Include Notific8, InstaEnhancer, LSWeather and More

Looking for the best new iOS 7 jailbreak tweaks compatible with Pangu and Evasi0n jailbreaks? Check out our list here of last week's Cydia app store releases including Notific8, InstaEnhancer, LSWeather and more. Read more

complete list of ios 7.1.1 compatible jailbreak tweaks pangu

Jun 23, 2014 06:33 pm

Complete List Of iOS 7.1.1 Compatible Jailbreak Tweaks

Check out this complete list of iOS 7.1.1 compatible jailbreak tweaks that work on the Pangu jailbreak for iPhone, iPad and iPod Read more

how to install pangu ios 7.1.1 jailbreak iphone, ipad, ipod

Jun 23, 2014 03:44 pm

PanGu iOS 7.1.1 Jailbreak Team Commended By MuscleNerd But Should You Download? Pros And Cons [VIDEO]

Is the PanGu iOS 7.1.1 Jailbreak safe to use on your iPhone, iPad or iPod? Here are the pros and cons on the latests unexpected release. Read more


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