"Pretty Little Liars" is still currently in its third season, however fans can get a jump on season 4. The season 4 premiere title was recently revealed, and it is JUICY!

What is the premiere title, you may ask? It's... "'A' is for A-l-i-v-e."

Only three episodes in the drama packed ABC Family series remain, and the title could be referring to a number of characters. Check out our theories on who may turn out to be "alive" in the season 4 premiere:


In episode 21, "Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind," viewers said goodbye to Toby. However, we previously revealed that we're not so sure that the "A" Team member is dead.

As "Pretty Little Liars" fans remember, Spencer saw a body with the same "901 Free At Last" tattoo that Toby had. BUT, Spencer never got the chance to take the motorcycle helmet off the head. Covered in blood, we have no doubt that the person is dead...we just have doubts that the person is Toby. If Toby was really part of the "A" Team, that could mean that other members have the same tattoo.

Will "Pretty Little Liars" viewers ever see Toby again? While we can't be positive, E! Online did reveal that the premiere episode will also feature Toby's mom, Marion...who died before the series started.

Detective Wilden

Ashley ended up hitting Detective Wilden in episode 20, and episode 21 had Hanna digging themselves into a bigger hole. As viewers remember, Ashley struck Wilden with her car after she thought he was pulling a gun on her. When she returned to the crime scene with Hanna, Wilden was gone but his car was still there. The following episode had his abandoned car show up in Hanna's garage...and Hanna deciding to dump it in the lake.

The hit-and-run seemed to have got Wilden pretty good, and one of our theories regarding the body Spencer discovered in the woods is that it's actually the detective.

We can't ignore another sketchy moment in episode 21 though. The last five minutes showed a fisherman pulling a Rosewood Police Department hat out of the water that Hanna drove the car into. Is Detective Wilden dead? Or could he be reappearing in season 4.


Could Alison actually be alive? In the "Pretty Little Liars" books, the girls learn that Alison had a secret twin. Could the twin be the person that Alison was trying to hide from before she "died"?

While this is definitely a big conspiracy theory angle, the fuel behind it is the mysterious girl in the red coat. The red coat girl seems to be the head of the "A" team, and judging by a leaked photo from the season 3 finale, it appears that Spencer knows the person. Our idea is that the girl hiding behind the red coat may be Alison...or her twin.

What do you think the season 4 premiere episode title is referring to? Let us know in the comments section!

Catch episode 22 on Tuesday, March 5 at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

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