Pokemon X and Y We've got all the latest Pokemon X and Y news, including a new look at one of two unique versions of Mega Mewtwo joining the Pokemon roster next month, and a handful of other additions that were leaked prior to the Pokemon X and Y release date. Here's everything we know so far. (PHOTO: Serebii.net / CoroCoro)

[UPDATE 9/16 10:10am EST] Click here to see the first trailer for Pokemon XY: The Series, along with information on an upcoming playable demo of Pokemon X and Y that's headed to Best Buy stores across the country.

[UPDATE 9/13 12:45pm EST] The Pokemon X and Y news just won't stop! Head to the bottom of the article to check out the latest Pokemon X and Y gameplay trailer to be released by Game Freak ahead of the Pokemon X and Y release date on October 12.

It looks like we won't have to wait until the Pokemon X and Y release date, this October, for our first look at Mega Mewtwo after all, thanks to newly leaked images of the legendary Pokemon's Mega evolution, which appear alongside the Pokemon X and Y starters' middle stages and a pair of previously unannounced new Pokemon.

It's only been about a day since we learned that Cartoon Network would be dedicating a major block of programming to Pokemon, exactly one week after Pokemon X and Y hit store shelves, but the latest batch of magazine scans from Japan is likely to whip Pokemon fans into a frenzy ahead of the Pokemon X and Y debut.

Four pages from the latest issue of CoroCoro are floating around the web on Wednesday, and nearly a dozen Pokemon from X and Y make appearances in the magazine, along with previously unreleased information about some of the Pokemon X and Y roster additions. Unfortunately, we aren't fluent in Japanese, but the folks over at Serebii have been kind enough to offer up translations of the text for their fellow Pokemon diehards.

So, what else have we learned about Pokemon X and Y?

Most excitingly, the latest issue of CoroCoro reveals one of the two Mega Mewtwo forms being introduced in Pokemon X and Y, along with detailed information on both Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y prior to the games' launch on October 12. The magazine also confirms that Pokemon X and Y will each have exclusive items (Mewtwonite X & Mewtwonite Y) which are necessary for Mewtwo to reach his Mega stage. Mega Mewtwo Y was revelaed earlier this year, and can be seen on Nintendo's official Pokemon X and Y site.

Pokemon X and Y Gen 6 Starters' 2nd Forms (PHOTO: Serebii.net / CoroCoro)

CoroCoro also pulled back the curtains on the middle evolutions of all the Gen 6 starter Pokemon, revealing images and details on Hariboogu, Teerunaa and Gerogashira, including one entry from each second-stage Pokemon's move list. Hariboogu is the second-form of Chespin, a pure Grass-type Pokemon that will have access to Mud Shot following its evolution. Fennekin will evolve into Teerunaa, a Psycho Cut wielding Fire-type, and enough experience will transform Froakie into the Bounce-ready Gekogashira.

Pokemon X and Y Chigorasu, Amarusu, Torimian and Nyaonikusu (PHOTO: Serebii.net / CoroCoro)

A pair of new Fossil-type Pokemon also made an appearance in the last CoroCoro before the Pokemon X and Y release date: Chigorasu Tyrunt and Amarusu Amaura. The former is a Rock/Dragon Pokemon which knows a new ability called Hard Jaw, while the latter sports both Aurora Beam and Freeze Skin -- an ability which converts Normal moves into Ice moves and increases their strength. Both additions to the Pokemon X and Y roster were inspired by real-life dinosaurs as well, with Chigorasu obviously modeled after the Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Amarusu resembling a Diplodocus

The double -page scan also features the first images of Torimian Furfrou, a Normal-type dog Pokemon that knows Fur Coat -- yet another move unique to Pokemon X and Y -- and Nyaonikusu Meowstic, a Psychic cat with different move lists for its male (right) and female (left) forms.

Head over to Serebii to check out the rest of the scans from tthe latest issue of CoroCoro, which include a Pokemon Type Chart, Move lists for several Pokemon, and a sneak peek at the upcoming Pokemon X and Y television series.

[UPDATE 9/12 11:45am] It seems the internet has unearthed information on yet another Pokemon ahead of the Pokemon X and Y release date. Head over to NeoGAF for a full write-up (plus images) of Pyroar, the Fire/Normal-type evolution of Litleo.

Here's the latest Pokemon X and trailer, featuring a look at the Gen 6 starters' middle evolutions, courtes of Nintendo and Game Freak:

Be sure to check back with iDigitalTimes.com for more Pokemon X and Y news as new members of the Pokemon roster continue to be introduced during the final countdown to the Pokemon X and Y release date on October 12.

What do you think of the news that Pokemon X and Y will each have a unique form of Mega Mewtwo for players to catch or trade for? Can't wait to catch a Chigorasu, and unleash your very own T-Rex on unsuspecting Pokemon across Kalos? Wish Mew was getting his own Mega evolution too?

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