Pokemon X and Y new players and old, start your pokeballs! The Pokemon Company has announced plans to start up an official online competition for X Y players who want to test their teams against the world's best. The Pokemon X and Y news comes to us about a month before the actual tournament will start on February 21 at 7pm ET. It was only a matter of time before we would be able to put all those Pokemon X and Y new mega evolutions to the test. With dozens of new 'mons available in generation 6 of Nintendo's games, it will be interesting to see what new variations trainers come up with to dominate in battle. Though it is too bad they weren't able to fully ban hacked Pokemon like they intended.

The Company is officially calling the tournament their Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Beta Competition. Gamers can qualify for the tournament by making the rankings in the Global Showdown and registering their Pokemon X and Y new game to their current Global Link account. Don't miss your chance to totally school noobs on the battlefield, sign up on January 31! We recommend doing so early, with space being limited and all.

It's good to see that despite troubles with getting Pokemon Bank out the door, the company is still moving forward with keeping people interested in the game. Competitive battle has always been an important part of the Pokemon experience and this latest generation is certainly one that needs competitive battling. We're almost positive the Pokemon X and Y new mechanics of mega evolution and the Fairy type were added with multiplayer battling in mind. And if not, it'll certainly make things in the meta-game much more interesting.

pokemon x and y new tournament global link Pokemon trainers will need to be part of the game's Global Link service before they can school novices and noobs on the battlefield (Photo: Pokemon Company)

With mega evolutions on the table, XY multiplayer battles are afforded an extra evolution past the usual two. In exchange for the ability to evolve a third level, Pokemon X and Y new megas are forced to give up their precious hold item slot. While the extra power of Drought with Mega Charizard Y or a second attack of Mega Kangaskhan, these Pokemon won't be able to hold something like Choice Specs or Quick Claw. An important decision for trainers to make.

The Fairy type is equally interesting. Long ago the Dragons ruled the Pokemon region until the Fairies put them in check. Having the Pokemon X and Y new typing affords certain pokes immunity to various attacks like Draco Meteor or Dragon Tail. So much for the ever popular Hydreigon taking the field.

Are you looking forward to taking part in the Pokemon X and Y new Beta Competition? Who do you plan on using as part of your team? Let us know in the comments!

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