pokemon x and y Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are slated for October 2013 release.

The most successful franchise on Nintendo's handheld platform, a big announcement has unveiled that a new pair of Pokemon video games for the 3DS is slated to hit the stores by October 2013.

The two games are Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, the latest titles that represent the sixth generation of the Pokemon adventure games. Rather than play in the traditional 2D birds-eye view, the new Pokemon X and Y will boast rich 3D environments, characters, and creatures.

Gameplay-wise, the new Pokemon titles will feature even more never before seen creatures that inhabit a redesigned pokemon world. So far, the title unveiled five pokemon types including fire, water, and grass types, which will serve as the three starters for the game. The starters are fire-type Fennekin, water-type Froakie, and grass-type Chespin.

pokemon starters

What's more, each game will feature an all-new legendary pokemon. Yet to be named, the respective legends for X, a mythical deer animal, and Y, a phoenix-like bird, look absolutely regal and are cleverly designed to represent their titles.

X Legend

Y legend

Perhaps the most highly anticipated redesign that loyal players have been waiting for in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are the brilliantly rendered 3D battles unveiled in the latest game trailer. What's more, the captivating environments of the new Paris-inspired town, which has yet to be named, in X and Y suggest a more involving and interactive adventure than what Pokemon players have experienced in the past.


While details on the new Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are incomplete, be sure to stay tuned as we learn more in the weeks ahead. The two titles will launch all over the world come October 2013. In the past, Pokemon titles were available in Japan a couple months in advance. This time, fans from all continents can start their adventures at the same time.

For the time being, be sure to check out the latest Japanese video game trailer for Pokemon X and Pokemon Y in the video below: