Now fans of Pokémon X and Y new and old have known for a while about the Z legendary Zygarde. The snake-like, green and black legendary Pokémon is hidden deep in the depths of X and Y but we now have official art and info on Zygarde. That's all nice and good, but the question is when will we see the Pokémon X and Y new game with Zygarde on the box. A Pokémon Z could bring some new improvements, possibly new mega evolutions and maybe even new Pokémon. Though now that we live in the future, with the ability to update games by the push of a button and what not, hopefully we'll see some of those Pokémon X and Y new features come to the older 3DS games.

pokemon x and y news release date z Zygarde (Photo: Pokemon Company)

The official site for Zygarde shows off artwork and info about the Z legendary. The final Pokémon X and Y new poke comes with the ability Aura Break which reverses the abilities of Xerneas and Yveltal. Zygarde has the uncommon typing of Dragon and Ground. While the Dragon type was really put in check this generation of Pokémon, having a legendary take up Dragon-typing kind of just makes sense. In addition, Zygarde is able to learn the Pokémon X and Y new move Land's Wrath, which is able to deal damage to "multiple opponents" in double and triple battles as well as wild horde battles.

The Pokémon X and Y new legendary is good, and imma let you finish, but when will we see the new game? Since Pokémon Red and Blue, there's always been a Yellow-type title -- a third game that includes some new features while still mainly staying similar. Black and White versions had Black 2 and White 2 but we like to count those towards the third game pattern. With XYZ forming the 3 axes of 3D, it only makes sense that Nintendo release a third game to go with the first two for 3DS.

Judging by past games, the new Pokémon Z titles could come at almost any moment. Early on the semi-sequel games were released about 7 to 9 months after the initial Pokémon game came out. In the third generation of games however, it was about 2 years before we saw a new version of Ruby and Sapphire release. And the same for Pokémon Platinum. With Black and White, Nintendo only waited one year to pump out another adventure -- which they marketed as a sequel game on the DS. We imagine GameFreak will use the one year model to decide when the Pokémon X and Y new game will come out, though no one can know for sure. Until then, Pokémon fans will just have to stay tuned!

Have you caught the Pokémon X and Y new legendary Zygarde? Excited for Pokémon Z? Sound off below!

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