Just when you thought all the Pokémon X and Y news to come was out in the open, now we have Diancie, Hoopa and Volcanion to worry about. The sixth generation legendary trio were rumored to be a hidden part of the game and now those rumors are seeming more and more true. Even though the Pokémon X and Y new legendary 'mons are hidden, they're still tucked away somewhere within the game. And if there's a will, some hacker will find a way. Game developer, 3DS hacker, and Poké-fan Smea has hacked X Y to reveal the three legendaries as well as some other secrets. Even though @smealum successfully hacked the game and uncovered the Pokémon X and Y new legendaries, he has chosen to keep the hack to himself in an effort to keep things fair. The better thing to do, we think, in the long run.

If you haven't heard of the new legendary Pokémon on the block, we've got you covered. Diancie is the Rock / Fairy type of the legendaries that's rumored to receive half damage from special attacks. Hoopa is mystical looking Ghost / Psychic type legendary -- a good pairing if you're not battling a Dark or Ghost type. Finally we have Volcanion as the game's first Fire / Water type. We can already see how the built-in type coverage will work wonders for competitive battling, winning bragging rights, etc.

pokemon x y news pokedex diancie (Photo: Twitter / @smealum)

In addition to the Pokémon X and Y new legendaries that have found their way onto the Internet, Smea also uncovered some other interesting encounters. One picture found on @smealum's Twitter shows off an encounter with the original hidden legendary Mew. As with the other legendaries hacked out of obscurity, the wild Mew has only reached the fourth level. While we assume the other legendary Pokémon's low levels have to do with their being a hacked version and all, it's more likely that trainers will eventually discover Mew at a low level.

pokemon x y new pokedex release date mew If Mewtwo gets a mega form, does that mean.... (Photo: Twitter / @smealum)

If four legendary Pokémon X and Y pokes weren't enough for you -- which if not, you really need to stop being greedy -- two more newcomers have been revealed. Third gen darlings Latios and Latias will likely make a reappearance, though Smea mentions the discovery of Latiosite and Latiasite. You don't have to play the game long to know this means the two Pokémon are receiving mega evolutions. Even though their mega forms aren't commercial airplanes or fighter jets like we imagined, the new designs are still not too shabby. Though we're not sure why Mega Latias loses its red coloring...

pokemon x y new pokedex latios (Photo: Twitter / mega latios)

It's always been the case that Pokémon X and Y have brought many new changes to the series, with mega evolutions, Fairy type, etc. Even in little ways like letting us go on our journey with our favorite gen 1 starter (but this time in 3D) or finally presenting us with a Fire / Water type, X and Y shows GameFreak has not let up in delivering a great game. And with the possible additions of Mega Latios / Latias, coupled with the ability to send out updates to the game, well, who knows what new megas and side quests could be in store.

What do you think of the new legendary trio? Which of these Pokémon X and Y new legendaries are your favorites? Sound off below!

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