Just when you thought all the Pokémon X and Y new 'mons had been released, hackers uncover 3 new ones. Back in November one brave man named Smealum ventured deep into the innards of the Pokémon X and Y pokedex to discover Diancie, Hoopa and Volcanion. The three are the legendary trio of Pokémon X Y. Each of the Pokémon X and Y new legendaries bring about an interesting new aspect to the game -- for example Volcanion's Fire and Water typing. We still aren't sure when the Pokémon X and Y new trio will be unveiled in game, but we have a feeling they won't be the only legendaries making a cameo.

News site PokeBeach brings us more info regarding the unannounced Pokémon. The Rock / Fairy type Diancie will learn its signature attack Diamond Storm. The Pokémon X and Y new attack is a physical Rock type move in which Diancie "whips up a storm of diamonds to damage opposing Pokémon." The attack may also increase the user's Defense stat. With 100 power and 95% accuracy, there is the slight chance it could miss, but Diamond Storm is a powerful Pokémon X Y attack nonetheless.

As the Psychic / Ghost type of the three, Hoopa is the smallest but can still pack a punch. The ghost's signature move, Hyperspace Hole is a special Psychic type attack. Similar to Shadow Sneak, Hoopa uses a dark whole in the ground to sneak behind the enemy. Though with Hyperspace Hole, the Pokémon X and Y new legendary is able to get around protecting moves like Protect and Detect. According to the site, the Hyperspace Hole has 80 power and N/A accuracy. We can't help but wonder if Hyperspace Hole will be one of those Aerial Ace / Swift type situations.

As for Volcanion, the walking volcano will be able to use the attack Steam Eruption. As a special Water type attack, the Steam Eruption takes note from another popular Water type move Scald. With the possibility of burn and 110 power, Steam Eruption is one of the best water moves in the game. It has 95% accuracy but with that kind of power we'll take those odds. We've seen dual type attacks introduced in Pokémon X Y -- Flying Press anyone? -- but it appears Steam Eruption is strictly a Water type move.

pokemon x and y new legendary pokedex diancie Diancie (Photo: Smealum)

The question remains: how will these Pokémon X and Y new legendary pokes reveal themselves in the game? Most are fairly certain they cannot be obtained through normal play. The trio could be revealed alongside a potential Pokémon Z announcement but the three have nothing to do with Zygarde, really. While it has been said before that Nintendo will not offer any type of downloadable content, maybe they'll change their tune. We have already seen them release not one, but two downloadable updates to the game to fix glitches. A Pokémon X and Y new expansion pack with new legendaries and a couple new town to explore wouldn't be too shabby. Regardless of what happens, we'll be sure to bring you news of you can get your hands on one of the three new legendary Pokémon!

How do you feel about the Pokémon X and Y new legendaries? Let us know in the comments!

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