Various Pokémon X and Y news and spoilers have done a good job of distracting us lately of the really important questions. Mainly, which first generation starter should we go with? With five days left, or no days if you live in Canada or Italy, we're running out of time before we have to decide which Pokémon X and Y new mega evolution we want to go with. Some are choosing based on the metas while others are sticking to tradition and going with their tried and true partners. Regardless of if you know which poke you'll go with or not, it still can't hurt to know each mega forms strengths and weaknesses -- if only to crush your opponents when they pull their Mega Charizard X on you. Find out the pros and cons for each of the Pokémon X and Y new starter mega evolutions.

Mega Venasaur

pokemon x and y mega evolution venasaur Mega Venasaur (Photo: Pokémon Company)

The fully evolved form of Bulbasaur brings with it many improvements. Among other things, we're pretty stoked on its Thick Fat ability, which will reduce its weakness to a song of ice and fire. With half of its weaknesses cut out, Mega Venasaur takes its rightful place as defensive tank of the three mega gen 1 starters. It definitely helps that it gets a boost in defense and special defense, as well as contains access to moves like Leech Seed. The one drawback we hate to admit when it comes to the Pokémon X and Y new starter evolution, however, is its design. With barely any visual differentiation between Venasaur and the mega version, we couldn't help but feel that our vine whipping friend could look a little bit cooler.

Mega Blastoise

pokemon x and y new mega evolution blastoise Mega Blastoise (Photo: Pokémon Company)

Cannons on cannons on cannons. That's pretty much the best way to describe the new Mega Blastoise. "Give him a new cannon on his back, shove cannons on his hands. Wherever there's space for one, add cannons!" is how we imagine that board room meeting to design the new Blastoise went. Though I guess it could be worse...

Weaponry aside, the Pokémon X and Y new Mega Blastoise has an ability that allows it to power up moves with "pulse" in their name: water pulse, dark pulse etc. Hopefully we see more of these attacks for Mega Blastoise to put to use. In addition, the new Mega Blastoise features a sweet new beard and lower back problems from having a giant a** gun built into its back.

And then there's the Mega Charizard Duo. Mega Charizard Y. And the newly announced Mega Charizard X.

Mega Charizard Y

pokemon x and y new mega evolution charizard y Mega Charizard Y (Photo: Pokémon Company)

The first Mega Charizard we were introduced to brought with it some interesting changes as well as some annoying constants. Its new ability, Drought, made Mega Charizard an interesting contender in the meta-game. Drought, one of the rarer abilities, powers up fire type moves by 50 percent as well as weakens water moves by the same number -- which could be good for those trying to start a fire team (or just a fire in general, we suppose). When coupled with the raise Charizard receives in special attack, this mega-evolution brings some intriguing stat changes to this flying fire-breathing monster. Not among the Pokémon X and Y new changes, however, was a switch to the dragon type for the Y variation. With this Charizard still being fire and flying, the abhorrent weakness to Stealth Rock persists.

Mega Charizard X

pokemon x and y new mega evolution charizard x Mega Charizard X (Photo: Pokémon Company)

Unleash the dragon. Finally, Charizard can be the dragon we always knew it could be. Though don't get too excited: with mega evolution not taking place until after on the field in X and Y, the weakness to Stealth Rock persists. Though you do still get the many perks that come with the dragon typing, like a better tolerance to water attacks. Though, we hope you enjoy getting served by fairies. Weaknesses aside, a black Charizard with blue flames coming out of it? Yeah, you might just have to sign us up for that one, thank you very much. And with Tough Claws, its physical attack gets an added boost in addition to the one it gains from mega evolving.

So which is better?

Well, that depends. All of the Pokémon X and Y new starter mega evolutions have their pluses and minuses. If you want a nearly impenetrable wall to help out on defense, Mega Venasaur is definitely your guy. Should you want an intimidating water attacker, Mega Blastoise is the right choice for you. As for Charizard, if you plan on using more physical attacks with your fully evolved form of Charmander, Mega Charizard X is the way to go. If you plan on using more special attacks with your Charizard and have other fire types on your team that could benefit from the sunny conditions of Drought, Mega CharChar Y is the way to go. We still aren't on board with the Pokémon Company playing favorites and giving Charizard two mega evolutions, though who knows? Maybe Vensauar and Blastoise will receive a 2nd form via DLC or an event. We'll have our fingers crossed.

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