Pokémon X And Y News regarding mega evolutions just won't quit. Right after we learned of the official Mega Pokemon, the Internet has begun to rumor the addition of even more. Pokémon X And Y new rumors say that Pokemon such as Charizard, Blastoise, Tyranitar and Gengar. The site also says that Scizor has already been confirmed as one of the Mega Pokémon unofficially. We may have to wait a bit for official Pokémon X And Y news on the matter before we can confirm anything.

The Pokémon Company recently announced the inclusion of Mega Pokémon in X and Y. In addition to 3D graphics and an all new set of pocket monsters, the 6th generation will break ground with the addition of Mega forms for Pokémon.

The list from Pokejungle is solely speculation at this point, but who knows. The full list of new Pokémon that could receive Mega Pokémon evolutions are as follows:

Mega Charizard Mega Charizard could make an appearance (Photo: The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon X and Y mega evolution hopeful: Mega Scizor

(Already confirmed unofficially)

Mega Scizor Somebody make Mega Scizor happen now (Photo: The Pokemon Company)

While we can see Nintendo capping things off at six new Pokes, Pokémon X and Y new Mega Pokémon evolutions would be greatly appreciated. We'd hate to get our hopes up for nothing, but we imagine a Mega Tyranitar could do some damage.

But if the Pokémon X and Y new mega evolutions do come to fruition, we can only hope they all have hair like Mega Ampharos.

What new Pokémon X and Y new evolutions do you want to see in the next game? Leave us a line below!

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